Demystifying the Prophetic


Product Description:

Russ and Kitty Walden have moved in the prophetic gifts throughout the USA and around the world, They have conducted courses in prophetic activation prophetic gifting and prophetic office. Their mandate is to DEMYSTIFY THE PROPHETIC and make the voice of God available to every seeking soul. If you ever wondered if you could hear from God, or ever desired to share with others the breakthrough words of life and transformation then this book is for you. Demystifying the Prophetic will launch you into the rarified experience of knowing God’s voice and sharing what you hear with others. Whatever your experience level this is your starting point. In these 12 internship lessons you will learn the modalities by which God speaks and come to understand the character of God’s voice which will assure that you have heard correctly.

Your gifting is needed in the earth and Prophets Russ and Kitty have brought this book to the
marketplace to activate, empower
and instruct you in the demonstration
of God’s voice in the prophetic –
for your benefit and the
benefit of others.

(Format: e-Book/PDF)

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