Course 104

Prophetic Office Course

Course Description:

Step Into Your Calling As Prophet

Are you called to be a prophet? It sounds prideful. It doesn’t seem possible. Why would God choose you? Yet the question in your heart won’t go away…

Are you called to be a prophet, or do you merely have prophetic tendencies in the gifting of God? 2 Peter 1:10 says, “…make your calling and election SURE…” Does your heart burn with the purposes of God? Do you dream prophetic dreams? Have you seen visions? Do you know things that other people seem unaware of? Do you have a fire in your bones to speak the word of the Lord? There is a way to get help in answering these questions.

Prophet Russ Walden has been tasked with identifying and raising 1000 people to prophetic office. Since 2010, over 10,000 people have learned how to hear God’s voice and share what they hear for their own benefit and the benefit of others. Then the commission came from the Father to go further, to establish a deep and powerful Prophetic Office course to help those called or potentially called to the prophetic office – if you have joined this course, you are surely one of these. Many have launched into powerful full-time ministry after completing this course. Fully 1 in 20 have learned to hear from God, plugged into God’s purposes in the prophetic, and experienced a launch into Prophetic Office. Are you one of these?

Releasing to You the Mantle of the Prophet:

We believe in imparting to others what God has imparted to us. The prophetic is not a trade secret. There should be no competition in the kingdom. Our delight is to see interns trained, groomed, activated, and launched into their gifting and their office. Those that demonstrate prophetic office can seek out ongoing opportunities for relationship and mentoring to see their gift fully make room for them in the kingdom. This course is designed to help you determine if this describes you.

In this self-directed course, you can proceed at your own pace from the convenience of your own location. There are videos, PDF downloads, and activation exercises, along with other resources. You will learn by doing. The material is comprehensive and thorough. It allows for making mistakes and working out any challenges you may have with the content. You can step out and learn safely how to be accurate in prophetic gifting. You will identify different levels in the prophetic and step into each dimension and experience the high calling of the prophetic.

In these lessons, you will learn aspects of the Office of the Prophet. There are seven levels of prophetic office that you will be made familiar with and have an opportunity to experience. If you are called to be a prophet, this course will activate that mantle. Otherwise, you will nonetheless experience what prophetic office is like and learn how to support and relate to the prophets in your life. Additionally, you will learn about mentoring others, helping others to hear the voice of God for themselves, and different levels of prophetic experience. We will explore prophetic authority and demonstration, higher levels of prophetic function, third heaven prophesying, throne room prophesying, prophesying by Oracle, and the International Mantle, which includes worldwide ruling and reigning.

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What Happens After You Enroll:

You will receive a follow up e-mail to your enrollment/course purchase with immediate download links. If you have questions text/call our office at 417.593.9802). Be sure to check your spam folder, etc., in the event the orientation e-mail sent lands outside your inbox.

God bless you! It is our privilege to train you to hear the Father’s voice!