God is Your investment Banker, and the Dividends of Heaven are Hitting Your Bank Account Today!

The Father says I am a SEED PRODUCING GOD for a SEED CASTING PEOPLE. Cast your seed in faith into My kingdom, and you will see and experience that I am your Investment Banker, the one who oversees the greatest portfolio in all of existence. The stock markets and investments of this world may offer fleeting returns, but I offer you a dividend far exceeding any earthly wealth. I speak of the dividends of the Bank of Heaven, where seeds sown in faith yield harvests a hundredfold!

Prophet Russ – I Recieve the 100-Fold Dividend of God’s Promised Bounty – Today!

Even a small act of faith, a tiny seed planted in fertile ground, can unleash a torrent of blessings upon your life. Thirtyfold, sixtyfold, a hundredfold, and beyond – these are the returns I offer to those who trust in My abundance. But what about the seed that truly unlocks your faith, the one that catapults you into a realm of expecting an extraordinary harvest to meet your extraordinary needs?

This is the seed I call “the uncommon seed.” It’s the offering you make when you step outside of your comfort zone when you trust Me with a sacrifice that stretches your limits and pushes you to believe in the impossible. This, My child, is the seed that activates the power of the Bank of Heaven in your life.

Prophet Russ – I Unlock God’s Uncommon Seed by Faith – Today!

Remember, I am your Investment Banker, and I operate by the Spirit, opening the vaults of heaven on your behalf. As you resolve to give and act in faith, you will hear the tumblers of that vault of bounty turning, dropping, and opening to you, bringing radical financial, relational, and every other necessary area of breakthrough you are crying out for. When you give into the anointing, you release your resources into the physical realm and the flow of My Spirit. This sets your offering in motion, propelling it through the unseen channels of blessing until it returns to you in a flood of abundance. This is not a scheme or a manipulation; it is YOUR faith and OBEDIENCE activating the initiatives of heaven to detonate a glory explosion of bounty in your life. This is My desire for you, My child. I want you to believe in the transformative power of faith-based giving. I want you to experience the joy of receiving a harvest far greater than anything you could have imagined.

Prophet Russ – By Faith I Unlock the Initiatives of Heaven in My Behalf – Today!

At Father’s Heart Ministry, our mission is to be good ground for your seed. We strive to give you daily words of encouragement, resources that nourish your spirit, and a platform to sow your seed into the anointing. When you give, you don’t just support our ministry; you become part of it. You become a participant in the blessings that flow through this place. So I ask you today, let your seed’s dimension match your need’s dimension. Do you desire a financial breakthrough? Then, plant a seed that reflects that need. Do you yearn for healing? Let your offering be an act of faith in My ability to restore you. Remember, what you have faith to give determines what you have faith to receive.

Prophet Russ – I Excercise BIG FAITH for BIG Breakthrough – Today!

Become a radical giver today and witness the radical return that unfolds in your life. Sow your seed into the anointing, and watch as the Bank of Heaven pours out its blessings upon you in ways you never thought possible. Let this be your day of faith, your day of expecting the extraordinary. I am your Investment Banker, and I am ready to release an abundance into your life that will leave you breathless with gratitude. Act Now, My child, and sow your seed with confidence. The harvest awaits you.

Prophet Russ – I Want you to Be the Prophet in My Life!

In this time of heightened spiritual awareness, the Father extends an extraordinary invitation to all who seek Him with unwavering devotion. He promises to reveal Himself in the fullness of His nature, character, and power, dismantling the barriers that have limited our understanding of His majesty.

The veil between the natural and supernatural realms is thinning, paving the way for a deeper, more intimate communion with the Father. The days of limited understanding and perception are numbered as the Father declares that He will root Himself within us, establishing an unprecedented connection that grants access to the depths of His being.

Prophet Russ – I’m Connecting with the Divine Connections of God this Very Day!

This divine connection will unlock a treasure trove of knowledge and understanding, far surpassing our natural faculties. We will ascend into realms of revelation, experiencing the vastness, height, and breadth of the Father’s person, as we have always desired.

The seven spirits, the seven lamps, and the seven trumpets, symbols of the Holy Spirit’s power and multifaceted nature, will manifest in our lives, guiding us toward fulfilling God’s purposes. This is our season to pursue, seek, find, and know the depths of God’s love and power.

In 2 Chronicles 20:20, we are reminded of the unwavering power of faith: “Believe in the Lord your God, and you will be established; believe the words of his prophets, and you will prosper.”

Prophet Russ – I Want you to Be the Prophet in My Life!

Let this prophetic word take root in your heart, igniting the breaker anointing within you. Break the chains of doubt, fear, and limitations that have held you back. December is your month of breakthrough and prosperity!

Embrace the divine invitation extended by the Father and embark on a transformative journey of spiritual awakening. As you seek Him with all your heart, you will discover the fullness of His love, power, and purpose, forever enriching your life and shaping your destiny.

Are You Giving Into Your Future? 

[Pro 18:16 KJV] 16 A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

Now – Do you appreciate the Daily Prophetic Word? Does it have any value in your life? Friday is a day in the week we do something we don’t do Monday through Thursday: We offer the free gift (linked to above) and encourage your support of FHM. 

Giving Should Always Be Done in a Revelatory Atmosphere: 

We believe that giving should always be done in a revelatory atmosphere. Years ago, God told me: “Russ – you are GOING the WAY you are GIVING!” Wow. That made me stop and think. God taught me the importance of GIVING TOWARD YOUR FUTURE. In fact, giving into our future is one of the primary reasons that this work of Father’s Heart Ministry is reaching millions around the world today. We followed the tug of the Holy Spirit on our hearts and gave into a ministry that was manifesting a greater favor and anointing than we were walking in, and we were CATAPULTED at GOD-SPEED ACCELERATION into what Father’s Heart Ministry has become! 

What about you? Are you ready for a greater benefit and blessing? Are you ready to move in the favor of God and the benefits of the kingdom beyond what you are experiencing now? When you give into an anointing – that anointing sets the parameters for what happens next in your life. When you give into an anointing, you will receive YOUR VERSION of that ministry’s breakthrough! 

We want to see you give into your future and to receive YOUR VERSION of the BREAKTHROUGH that has so RADICALLY BLESSED our lives in the last many years. Do it in boldness. Do it in faith. See what God will do in your life. When we made this step, it was a matter of MERE weeks before the change came, and our blessing place became an absolute reality in our lives. Solomon meant this when he said in Proverbs 18:16, “… a man’s gift makes room for him…and sets him before kings!” What does that mean? It means you are going the way you are giving. Make your gift NOW: 

When you sow into the anointing, you reap of the anointing, and glory precedes your breakthrough!

Sowing into the Anointing Causes Money to Move by the Spirit in Your Life!

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Prophet Russ – I Want you to Be the Prophet in My Life!

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Do You Need Someone to Agree with You in Prayer? There is power in the prayer of agreement. Jesus said that if any two of you agree on earth as touching anything that they ask, it shall be done for them, by God the Father… click to submit a prayer request..

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