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Daily Prophetic Word E-mail Frequency Change

As we mentioned previously, our frequency has had to change due to email service price increases, from daily to only 24 emails per month.

After we made this announcement, friends and partners responded by wanting to contribute to a fund to keep the emails coming over the weekend as well. Therefore, we decided to provide this giving opportunity to those of you who enjoy receiving the daily prophetic word in your email each morning or for those of you who want to support the evangelistic aspect of the daily words so that others can be uplifted by them.

Do You Appreciate the Daily Prophetic Word?
Give to Support the Continuance of the Daily Prophetic Word (Link Here)

Additionally, we are looking at developing an app and other email options moving forward, and any funds above the additional email costs will go towards the other email options we undertake in the future. We appreciate your support as we transition into the new things the Father is moving us into. You may also use the following Qr Code to facilitate your donation:

Help Keep the Daily Word Coming to Your Inbox!

You are now receiving e-mails from us Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday are posted on our website, social media pages, and e-Church. Here are the links:

Father’s Heart Ministry Website
Father’s Heart Page on Social Media
Father’s Heart Ministry e-Church on Facebook

We are committed to being the prophets in your life. We want you to know we appreciate you and will be here for you as a prophetic resource to bless you at every opportunity we can!


Prophet Russ

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