Mantling of Prophets – April 2017

MANTLING OF PROPHETS – April 2017: Prophet Russ Walden consecrates mantles for 10 graduates from around the world who recently completed the Course 4 Prophetic Office Course with Father’s Heart Ministry (April 2017). Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden have graduated 100’s of people from the prophetic school and are commissioned by the Father to raise up 1000 men and women into prophetic office. If you are interested in the online prophetic school visit for further information on enrollment and attendance of this online school of the prophets.

Evangelism Initiative Report: 100’s Saved!

A Testimony of 100’s of Souls Brought into the Kingdom: The Evangelism Initiative: In May of last year FHM launched an online initiative to see souls brought into the kingdom (visit Since that time 567 people have accepted Jesus for the first time (95 so far this year). Also, 343 people have rededicated their lives to Christ. When a person responds we follow up with personal contact, an individually assigned prayer partner, a prophetic word over the person’s life, as well as introducing them to the e-Church FB forum, and PTL!

Join Prophets Russ and Kitty in Sterling, VA – March 10-12!

Join Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden in Sterling, VA – March 10-12 at Revival Embassy. Our hosts will be Apostle Ricardo and Kerry Watson. We are looking forward to this as a powerful time in God.   Revival Embassy 10 Pidgeon Hill Drive Suite 80 Sterling, VA 20165 March 10-12 7 p.m. Nightly 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Sunday More information:

Request Your Personal Prophecy for 2017!

Request Your Personal Prophecy for 2017! A fresh prophetic word for a new season will energize your life and activate your harvest. Step up and make your request for the prophetic word over your life for the coming year! Use this Link to Submit your Request: Mobile: Desktop:

Not Getting the Daily Prophetic Word?

This is Russ Walden with Father’s Heart Ministry. I am getting reports that some may not be receiving the Daily Prophetic Word. This may be for any number of reasons. (If you haven’t ever subscribed then ignore the information below and just click on the “subscribe” link above). The FIRST THING TO DO is to check in your “spam folder” in your e-mail account. This is a hidden folder that is accessed by different means depending on who your e-mail provider is. If you see our e-mail there … consult the “help” information with your e-mail provider to see how … (click link or title to continue)

Rest in Peace – Kim Clement

Rest in Peace – Kim Clement Sad to report the passing of Kim Clement. A mighty warrior of the faith now gone on to his reward. I would like to make (an unsolicited) suggestion. If Kim Clement has ever been a blessing to you in any way – this would be a great opportunity to show your love with a generous offering. This could be your last opportunity to give into this anointing that Kim stewarded so well. Here is the link to Kim’s ministry: [2Sa 1:19-25 KJV] 19 The beauty of Israel is slain upon thy high places: how … (click link or title to continue)

Ministry Travel Update from Prophets Russ and Kitty

Time for an update – well we are now going into our 4th week of a 6 week ministry tour of the east coast and deep south. We have ministered in Nashville, TN; Kingsport, TN; Corry, PA; Albany, NY; Lancaster, PA; Easton, MD and Baltimore. As I write this we are hurtling down the interstate toward the Atlanta area where we will minister in 2 meetings south of Atlanta and then over to Birmingham, AL to connect with our friends there. The message that God gave us for Nashville was “Getting Out of the Stuck Place” and it really resonated … (click link or title to continue)

Souls are Coming to Christ by the Score!

SOULS ARE BEING SAVED! Evangelism Initiative Report: We are pleased to report that since launching we have see 271 people accept Jesus for the first time and 178 people rededicate their lives to Christ. After they respond we connect them with a personal intercessor, speak over their lives through our online prophetic school interns, and send them a 52 week basic bible study. In addition we point them to our online “e-Church” here on FB and our webchurch ministry at Souls are being saved. Your prayers for this ongoing campaign are appreciated!

Register for the October “Precisely the Prophetic” Conference:

The Next 50 Years: A Prophetic Perspective: Precisely the Prophetic October Conference: Chateau on the Lake – Branson, Missouri October 21st through 23rd (Register Here)   This is the greatest conference in the history of  Father’s Heart Ministry. Each Registrant will receive a  pre-release of Prophet Russ’s latest paperback “The  Next 50 Years: A Prophetic Perspective”. We have  moved our conference venue to Chateau on the Lake in Branson and secured a GREAT GROUP LODGING RATE for those  registering to attend the conference [see below] (Call (417) 334-1161 and mention FHM  Group for lodging – see below to register as well … (click link or title to continue)