My Isha, My Kitty, My Spouse

Dear Kitty, my Isha:
Twenty-two years ago I called you to the front of your church the day I met you. I took your hand and prophesied to you that you were a ballistic missile for God. Twelve years later our paths crossed again and we married three years later. We began a decade-long adventure in God filled with faith, romance, and love that I never thought existed. You left a sweet aroma of affection, love, and wonderment every day of our time together. We traveled the nations together, ministered together, and founded a ministry that has reached 11 million people in the last ten years. Then as a lady always knows when to take her leave, you traveled where I cannot follow at this time. My comfort is in knowing you are looking over the ramparts of heaven watching as now one set of footprints moves on where there were two. My greatest desire, my Isha, my Kitty is that you know that I love you still and I will miss you, but I will go on serving in the kingdom as the person, the prophet God raised me out of obscurity to be. God bless your memory, my love, till we meet again. ~~ Your Russell, Your “Ish”
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Other Comments

  • Maria José Muñoz says:

    Hola Donn Russel, Escribo porque estoy recordando una palabra que soltó el Padre hace 4 años, y decía que Uds. la habían enviado a Cartas para Maggie.
    Glorifico al Señor porque hace cuatro años, su cuerpo, el cuerpo de Cristo envío una palabra de libertad que me sacó de cautiverio y hoy puedo vivir a Cristo en plenitud.
    Honro la memoria de su esposa.
    Debido a esta carta, salí de un lugar de muerte a vida, de juicio a vida abundante de Cristo. Pude volver a mirar a Cristo a cara descubierta nuevamente. Pase años antes de eso con velos que no me dejaban ver al Padre, y era esclava de los hombres e idolatría. Quería ofrecerte mi testimonio si es que lo puedes y antes de entrar por la puerta de pascua honrar juntos al Padre de las luces. Con el amor del Padre, envío mi cariño desde Chile, Concepción.

  • Pamella Shaw-Espinosa says:

    Psalms 119 ver 50: This is my comfort in my affection, For Your word has given me life.
    Prophet Russ I am praying for your strength, comfort and overcoming zeal of God to keep you firm grounded and rooted in God. I was sad to hear if sweet Kitty’s passing. I so looked forward to hearing her sweet voice saying, “good morning.” After you say good morning. It’s like the daily morning bible study is not the same without her being your co-pilot. Many times when we would miss her from the broadcast, you would say, Kitty is responding to emails or dealing with other business. Oh I love her zeal and enthusiasm for God and the word. And she just makes you seems more perky when she is there. I love you both and I pray God’s comfort and care for you, your family and your ministry through this new period as you march on with God.
    Thank you for sharing Ms. Kitty, your wife with us. Be comforted in knowing that I am praying for you all during this time
    Thank you and Ms. Kitty again, for your impact in my life.