Seven Levels of the Prophetic – Then What?

There are seven levels of prophetic office that we teach about in our online prophetic school. One of those is called “Oracle Prophecy.” It is a place in the prophetic where things happen BECAUSE the prophet speaks it. In these cases, the prophet is not predicting your future but establishing your destiny. I frequently move in this arena. There is another level of prophetic office that I’m not allowed to speak much about. The best I can say is God comes and sits in me as upon a throne. I’m sure other prophets have experienced this and likewise don’t say much about it. The words are first-person and project a level of authority and love that many describe in visions of the throne. It is a “God come to earth” moment. I feel that stirring in my heart during this time of crushing and breaking. I embrace it. I drink the cup of suffering set before me in the circumstance of Kitty’s passing. I know that partaking of this cup is the only way forward for me. I am a Prophet and my God lives large in me.
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  • God bless you man of God. I’ve missed you personally, not aware of the details but my spirit took notice to you taking time to yourself. God bless Prophet Terry. It’s something about you, YOU Russ. The authenticity is of no comparison, I took notice that it’s not been you the Lord has been speaking through on this site and I wondered and I prayed and my heart too is heavy from the news. Oh how I anticipate the reunion you and your wife shall have upon the return of the Lord. The dead in Christ, which that is not eternally dead, WILL rise UP! Hallelujah! Oh how we missed you brother! Good to see you smiling, I began to travail almost immediately. We love you, true man of God! Your reward is immense! Ye, I declare it won’t be long now! When the Earth passes away, in due time, we will reign together in Heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus! Beauty for ashes beloved, may you continue to see beauty!