You Go Girl for God, Part 7

Chapter Two (cont)

We are talking about giving away from ourselves. That’s why the gifts were given so that they could be in you, and you can give them away. They are not our gifts, they are His, so we shouldn’t withhold them. When somebody prays in tongues, somebody needs to be there to interpret. That’s just hard and fast. When I was learning that years ago, it’s like God gave me this strong tongue, and so when the Pastor would say, “Kitty, you have a word.” I had already gotten the tongue, so I just gave my own interpretation. That’s what you do when you don’t have somebody else working in the Spirit with you. You get it from God, and you give it; you pass it on, you share it. I know there are protocols for that. They should be established.

I’d like to tell you when I began to be activated more and more in the gifts of the Spirit. I went to Christian International with Bishop Bill Hamon in Florida. Years and years ago, I went to training classes on the prophetic, and activation and acceleration in the prophetic. Just by being in the room with the prophet who was teaching a class, you can get an impartation. I am going to prove that to you in just a second. So, here I was, he was one of the school leaders, and I am in a room of about 250 people way back there at the back wall. I went to get everything that I could possibly get. I was hungry, and God answers hunger. You are reading this book because God is going to answer some hunger in you.

I had come prepared, pulling on the Spirit of God. Bishop Hamon is upfront, and I’m at the back wall when all of a sudden, He said, “Little sister with the satin blouse on, stand up.” He prophesied to me for 40 minutes. He did what we would call in our prophetic ministry, main veining you. He gave the name of some people involved with me, and he knew I had a spirit of death on me. He knew that I was called to the ministry and that I was going to preach the gospel around the world. I was weeping like a baby because nobody had ever done that for me before. So, that’s what I was talking about accelerating the gifts. You can always go deeper into God. Sometimes you want a drink of water from a physical well, you’ve got a little stream and a small dipper cup, but there are times when you’ve got to go deep, deep, deeper to get your refreshing drink from the Lord. He answers hunger and thirst. He said blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness, they shall be filled. Keep being hungry, keep being thirsty, in the Name of Jesus.

I was in another class down at Christian Int’l in Florida, and the prophet said, “I am going to activate the seer anointing.” I thought, ok, I didn’t know a lot about that back then. He said, “Everybody stand up.” So, we stood up, and he said, “Everybody pray in tongues for 30 seconds – ok, now go quiet.” After 30 seconds, you’re supposed to see a picture of something. He said, “Ok, tell me what you saw.” Three or four people started spouting it out, and I’m thinking, “I don’t see anything.” I didn’t hear anything. He said, “How many of you didn’t see a thing?” Two of us raised our hands. He said, “What do you see now?” As soon as he said, “What do you see now, I said, “Oh my gosh, I see a sun rising on an ocean, and it has beautiful palm trees on the way, and when I look over there, the sun is setting.” There you go, you’re activated. That’s as easy as it is. God is not a hard God. He is a simple Savior. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, “He is a simple Savior.” He wants to get His gifts that are already in you, out of you. Don’t think that somebody has to lay hands on you to give you the gifts. Before the foundation of the world, we were with the Savior in God, and He put into our DNA strand the desires that are in our hearts.

What? Yes! The ache in your heart is the desire of God. As you delight yourself in the Lord, walking out your life, He gives you, lays it in your lap, the desire of your heart. It’s that simple. He’s a simple Savior. So, you’re aching to maybe be in full-time ministry? The ache is His, and He put it in there. That’s His DNA, and He answers the cry that He put in there. He said to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and then all would be added to you. That means it’s like a magnet, baby. You start seeking first the Kingdom of God, and everything will come to you like a magnet. It will be slapping on you from here, and it will be dropping on you from there. It will be falling in your purse, and it will be everything you need because you’re going to do the first things first, and you’re going to keep it right. Seek first, and first is always first. It’s not going there and doing that when He’s trying to tug you, and you say, “I want to do this or that.” I would say to seek Him first and ask me how I know.

The Bible says in Acts 20, but you shall receive power after something. Hmm! You shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you! So, if you’re having a hard time being powerful, like some were talking about needing more courage, needing more guts to do and say what God says, a heart for serving, courage for more faith and to be stirred up in the things of God, you get that by praying in the Spirit. By believing you receive the Holy Spirit so He can guide you. No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly before Him

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