You Go Girl for God, Part 6

Chapter Two

How many of you would like to have an acceleration in the spiritual gifts that you know are in you, and maybe ones that you don’t know are in you? They can be activated. Paul said, “I desire to be with you that I might impart into you some spiritual gift, to the end that we might be more established and encouraged together, I’m paraphrasing. So, first, you have to believe there is an impartation. We are seriously prophetic in our house. God has raised us up in the prophetic strongly. I am an evangelist, but I have prophetic tendencies. That’s why we are doing what we are doing, because of the prophetic word of God that came to us. We have just written our first book together, and Russ published it. It’s called ‘Precisely the Prophetic,’ and it is on the market through Amazon. When you hear or see Russ and Kitty Walden, you are going to hear miracle after miracle because that’s Precisely the Prophetic. It’s what God says, and then He does. Don’t you love it when He confirms His word?

In a meeting last night, as we talked about the other meeting where so many women got healed at Promise theater, I opened my phone, and Autumn, my granddaughter, had sent a text saying that something terrible had happened to her. Even Autumn sharing with me, thank you, Jesus, that hearing the voice of God, we can bless her with edification and comfort from God that will set her free. Thank you, Father!

We want to stir up the gifts. Job 33 says, there is a spirit in man, the inspiration from the Lord, the breath of the Almighty He gives him. The Almighty gives man understanding. So, if you get something good that comes bubbling up out of your spirit, that’s from God. If it’s not good, guess what? It’s not always the devil but could be from your soul. Your soul can work on you, and other people’s soul or unregenerated spirit can make judgments against somebody that hinders that person from hearing clearly. It creates white noise, blocks their hearing from the Spirit of God. Please learn to always keep your opinions away from your mouth. Don’t be judgmental. Jesus said, Judge not that you be not judged, and that means to hand down an opinion; as a judgment. Don’t do it. You will save yourself a lot of grief, and the less you can have an opinion about something like, “Oh, I love her dress.” That’s sweet if you love her dress, but to say, “I don’t think she should dress like that.” Those are opinions, they create white noise, and that is trouble. God said to have no judgments coming against you, right? So, don’t judge others.

When you quiet your mind from all those opinions, like, “Oh man, it’s going to rain today.” God is not going to jump off His throne and have a fit because it’s going to rain on your day. Have no opinion. You have to practice having no opinion. Ask us how we know. You practice not only with things concerning yourself but also things that don’t really matter. What happens is, when you silence your mind, God speaks to you in between your thoughts. Quieting your mind, that’s your part. He speaks in the silence between your thoughts, which is your own conscienceness drawing and trying to make decisions. You shouldn’t be wasting brain cells. I’ve been telling myself, “Kitty, stop wasting your brain cells on that.” You know it’s not going to make a difference in eternity.

He speaks in the silence between your own thoughts, so keep your thoughts in check. That is one way to activate your hearing the Spirit of God. It’s like there is a cacophony of noise, but if you will just silence yourself and get quiet. You know, you can’t find out something about the secrets of God that the Bible talks about if you don’t go to the Secret Place. There is a Secret Place where you go in and draw in to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to you.
In 1 Cor 14:1-4 Paul says to follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy. For anyone who speaks in a tongue, does not speak to people, but God. That’s when you’re praying in the Spirit. Jude 20 says you build yourself up in your most Holy Faith in one way, by praying in the Holy Ghost. So, if you don’t have your prayer language yet; if you haven’t received that gift that has already been given, then you can do that today. Just receive Him because He has already been given. If I give you a present, you are not going to take it home with you unless you receive it, right? So, let’s untie the ribbon today.

We speak mysteries to God when we pray in the Spirit. You want to pray out mysteries because you don’t’ have all the inside information. When you need to get it, you start with Coora la Shanda…. speak it out, and then all of a sudden, you can interpret your own tongues. You’ll say, “No, I don’t want them to go there; I want them to go to that college.” You’ll get it. The one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouragement, and comfort. Anyone who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but the one who prophesies edifies the church. I would that every one of you would speak in tongues, but I would rather that you prophesy. It helps somebody else.

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