You Go Girl for God, Part 13

Chapter Three (cont)

They did just as he had said and the people just responded in days, they started bringing mink coats, jewelry, money and all kinds of revenue and throwing it on the platform of the church. Lindsey said that in about 30 days they’re going to build homes in Ukraine. Does God confirm His Word or not? Yes, He does! I am building your faith so that you will know that when I pray and break that off of your precious lives, something is going to shift, and something is going to change if you have faith. If you have faith you can believe. We serve a God of prosperity. You hear testimonies of people having some really ugly stuff happen concerning prosperity, but the truth is, the blessing of the Lord makes rich and He adds no sorrow to it. So, this is one of those things. He is going to make you rich in every way when that curse is broken off of you.

So, I was minding my own business, managing my restaurant and I get an opportunity to go to the Kenneth Copeland Convention in Birmingham, AL. I had been a partner with Kenneth Copeland already for 20 some years and I just needed some refreshing because it was very, very challenging to own a restaurant and do the work and still minister to your customers. So, I went for a refreshing. I was in the airplane and almost there and the Holy Spirit said, “When you get to the Copeland Convention, I want you to find the head intercessor and tell them what I told you about the curse of the vow of poverty.” A lot of people come there and want to give thousands but don’t because they are really bound and it’s a sad situation. It is a truth that curses are binding until they are broken; especially vows.

The second day, I asked an usher, “Where can I find the head intercessor? I have a word for Kenneth Copeland Ministries.” I knew none of them, they didn’t know me from Adam since they are in Texas and I’m in Missouri. Now we are in Birmingham. He said, “In a few minutes, in this little room over here, the intercessors gather to pray for every session. They pray for 30 minutes before every session in this convention.” I waited a few minutes outside the door and a lady shows up. I introduced myself and told her I had a word for Kenneth Copeland ministries. She said, “Please tell me.” I started telling her and the same situation happened, she started weeping, God is manifesting, I mean the Spirit of God is thick. I could barely stand. I remember it was overwhelming. I wondered when she started crying, how is was affecting her and why?

I was just a kid obeying God. I don’t know all the stuff, I don’t have to know all the stuff, but I am going to tell you what I do know so I can help somebody. She said, “This is a word for Kenneth Copeland Ministries right now. In a few minutes the intercessors will gather, and I want you to take this microphone that’s hooked up to an amplifier and I want you to tell them. I thought, “Well, why would I need to do that with a couple people coming to pray.” Well, in a matter of minutes, 70 intercessors came into the room. God was present, and I was doing it scared. I had never done anything on that level before. So, I began to tell about Danny and then I told them about Lindsay and the Cornerstone Church and what the result of that was.

It was almost like I stepped in the middle of the circle and it was going out like shockwaves throughout the room. I could barely stand; I kid you not. I prayed the prayer; I broke the curse of the vow of poverty off Kenneth Copeland Ministries and now I’m going to fast forward.

About three years later, we had a situation in our town, and it all tied back together. There was a situation in Springfield, Mo., three women were abducted in the middle of the night. Springfield news reported that their purses, their keys, everything was in the house. It was a mother, a beautiful daughter and her best friend. The two had just graduated high school. They had vanished and there was no trace of these girls; cars there, keys there, everything there. In a matter of hours, everyone was converging. All the detectives and the news show, ‘48 hours’ were in Springfield which is 30 minutes from the restaurant and the house where I lived. Here they are in town and I hear the news come on. They said they had interviewed some psychics and they knew what had happened to the three women.

As soon as I heard that, I just got sick to my stomach. I got nauseated and I thought, why are they getting airtime? God knows, God sees, and God can say, so I just turned and said to my cook, “Would you help me pray? I am going to ask God to tell His prophets like Kenneth Hagin,” because he was the papa I was listening to at the time and he was close by. I said, “I’m gonna ask God to tell Papa Hagin, His prophet, what happened to those three missing women and then he can go on the air and say, God has eyes and He sees, he has ears and He hears, and He can say.” There was more to it because I had a heart of redemption just like you do. I want people to be redeemed

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