You Go Girl for God, Part 12

Chapter Three (cont)

On the drive home, I was thanking Jesus because the Holy Spirit showed up and they had a glorious transaction happen and everything turned around for them in that little tiny town. I tell you that my sister and brother in law were dirt poor, I mean it. They came from that to buying a restaurant. It was beautiful, God turned it around. I’m rejoicing as I’m driving because I had been obedient and I said, “Ok, Father, but about my question?” This ordeal had been a little rabbit trail with God. He said, “Where did your church come from?” I said, “Well, I didn’t go to Bible School, I just knew our church broke out of the Catholic, they broke out of the Lutheran, they broke out of the Methodist, and they broke, broke, broke and they broke away. He said, “A curse taken back in the middle ages of a vow of poverty has kept the church, every Christian, every non-Christian that doesn’t even know about it, has kept them bound by a vow because of church fathers.

Now, I didn’t have any Catholic relatives like some of you do, but it doesn’t matter. There is a generational curse that comes down the line and most of us have the fruit of it. “How many people”, He said, “want to give $1,000 in the offering but they give $100, they want to give $100 but they give $1? There is a vow that’s holding and binding people in the earth. I am going to show you by signs and wonders what I’ve said.”

One day I asked a customer of mine who I knew to be catholic. I said “Excuse me sir. As a Catholic, why would you take a vow of poverty?” He said, “Oh Kitty, it’s sad because in the middle ages it used to be a vow of humility.” I said out of my mouth, “Would to God that the church had taken a vow of humility and kept it, but there was this religious transaction that happened in the Catholic Church because the people were not bringing in all of their money and resources. So, the Catholic Church took the vow of humility and changed the verbiage. For hundreds and hundreds of years, the Catholic priests took this vow of poverty.

I just love exposing the enemy and his lies. I want to break every lie and deception. There’s a reason He taught me this because then He told me, “You tell this wherever I tell you to tell it. You be responsible to say it, when I say to say it, in order to break it.” So, He reminded me how this vow even effects your spirit, soul and body and I remembered when I went to Mexico, they were so deprived and so dirt poor. It breaks my little heart to think about the deprivation. The Lord said, “They are worshipping idols because they are under a curse of a vow of poverty.” So are some of you.

A short time after these things, God told me to go to this church in Springfield, Mo., which is 30 miles away from where I lived. I knew the associate pastor there; they would eat at my restaurant from time to time. God said, “Today, go and see the associate pastor and tell them what I showed you about the vow of poverty.” As I was driving there, He gave me a little more insight. When I got to the office, I told Lindsay, the associate pastor, that I needed to talk to him about something I got in prayer to bless them. He brought me over to the side chapel of this very big church on this large property.

The land had a beautiful mansion, which was over 100 years old. They used it to earn revenue as a bed and breakfast. I had been to a few Spirit filled services in this church. I told Lindsay about what happened with Danny, my brother in law when I told him about the vow of poverty. I started to talk about the vow of poverty and how it had a trickle-down effect to the church, and every Christian is under it unless it’s broken and repented of. He started weeping like my brother in law Danny did. I’m standing there in amazement but knowing that I’m obeying God. I feel Jesus vibrating in the room, Him and I and Holy Ghost bumps on top of Holy Ghost bumps. When you know His presence, it is precious because He is confirming His Word with signs following.

He started weeping and I asked, “what is it, Lindsay?” He began talking to me and he was trembling all over and said, “do you know where you are?” All I heard was Cornerstone Church, Springfield, MO. Then he said, “Kitty, for 20 years, we have been trying to get to the mission’s field in this church. We have not been able to pull it off. Our intercessors tell us all the time that they keep hitting a wall in the Spirit and we don’t know what it is.” He said, “Kitty, we bought this property from a Catholic Convent. Then I started crying because God is faithful to confirm His Word with signs following.

So, I took authority over that thing and I broke it off of him, just like I broke it off of Danny. About 3-4 weeks go by and I get a phone call at the restaurant. It was Lindsay and he said, “You won’t believe Kitty, what happened.” I said, “Well, what happened?” He said, when the pastor came home, I told the pastor and the pastor said, “That’s God.” He said, “let’s stand up in front of the congregation on Sunday and let’s break the vow of poverty.”

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