You Go Girl for God, Part 11

Chapter Three

I hope you are enjoying my testimonies; they are meant to be a deposit in your life and meant to bring you greater hope. We desire that the people who listen to us have their version of our breakthrough. Russ and I are living in the sweet spot and I’m going to tell you what that is. When you seek first the Kingdom of God and everything gets added to you like a magnet, you know, whatever you need, stuff, people, finances, whatever it is, that is the sweet spot of God. You do what He says, then He performs His word. You’re seeking first His Kingdom and He’s adding.

We have lived like that for ten years. When we got married, we just agreed on what God was saying to Russ or to me, what we have together is confirmation for each other because we are so sold out to Jesus. He had 35+ years of ministry background and I had 40, so when we came together, that beautiful verse that says, if any two of you on earth agree as touching anything that they ask, it gets done. For 37 years, I didn’t get agreement in my marriage, so it was hard to get something done. It’s like you are pulling teeth. The joy of having God perform His Word with signs following is over the top to me.

My uncle asked us if we knew what the sweet spot was, and we didn’t, so he said it was from the game of baseball. I said, “Well, I don’t know sports. I know Jesus but I don’t know sports.” He said in a baseball game, you don’t even have to be watching the batter, you will hear a sound when that ball hits the bat, there’s a crack sort of sound and you know that you know that ball is going out of the park. That’s the sweet spot.”

I would to God that all of you could live in the sweet spot of God. That you could have your version of these testimonies. As you seek first the Kingdom, that’s your part, and then all those things added is God’s part. He would be a liar if He didn’t bring you all things when you seek first the Kingdom. So, it’s a done deal. The sweet spot is so precious, and I want that for all of you. But there is a hindrance to receiving all God has for us. Do you understand that there are generational curses? It’s not something we want, but you first have to expose something before you can expel it. Isn’t that true? You have to know it’s there. One of my precious elders, John Nelson, who is in heaven now, and he had ordained me many years ago said, “you know when I was younger, I had such a heart after God, I was raised in the Kingdom of God, but man, sometimes I was so mean and ornery, I just wanted to stab your heart out. It was a stronghold in my personality, so I took it to God and said, “So what’s up with this?” He said, “Check your family tree.”

When he checked his heritage, he had pirates in his past who liked to stab people’s hearts out. So, once you expose a generational curse, then you just expel it. It’s like flicking flies, but you have to first expose it and find out what it is in the secret place. One day, I went to the secret place in God. I was after something; I had a vision He gave me about a chain of restaurants and some other things I wanted to do in the Kingdom. I heard other people talk about their visions and dreams and yet there was no money to ‘get er dun’. That took me into prayer. I said, “Father, where’s all the money? Because my Bible says that the earth is the Lord’s and all the fullness thereof, the world and all that dwell in it. The silver and the gold are mine, says the Lord.”

So, I’m asking the question, “How come it’s so hard and tough on these little preachers who are retired, and they can’t even afford to pay someone to come and mow their lawn? Where’s all the money?” Instead of the Father saying to me, “The things of God are passed our understanding. He gave me the scripture, “it’s the glory of God to conceal a matter but the glory of kings to search it out. Instantly he said to me, “Kitty, go across town and ask Danny, who took a vow of poverty?” I asked, “God, what is a vow of poverty?” He said, “go across town and ask Danny who took a vow of poverty?” “Yes Sir!” Me, a little obedient girl, because if I can hear Him, did what He said. I drove across town to Danny’s, my brother in law, who’s married to my youngest sister. I knocked on the door, it’s like 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday.

Dan and Kim (my sister) were up drinking coffee. I sat down on the couch, and said, “Dan, the Lord brought me here this morning and he told me to ask you, who took a vow of poverty?” As soon as I said those words, he bolted back in the couch like somebody stabbed him in the gut. He started trembling and he said, “I did.” He was weeping. I said, “Danny, why would you do that? Why would you ever say that?” He said, “Because I was going to become a Catholic priest and all Catholic fathers take a vow of poverty.” I remember opening my mouth and the Father said, “Danny, I am a God of prosperity and I am not a God of poverty; however, your words have been stout against me, says the Lord.” There is a scripture for that. So, the enemy took your words, Dan, and has kept you bound up in poverty and it’s not just money, but it also involves your spirit, soul, and body

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