The Father Says Today: October 3rd, 2019

The Father says today, trust Me to act in your life on My terms and in My timing. I do not have any contingency plan for your life. I am not offering any consolation prizes for “Plan B.” Do not rationalize away your blessing. I will never be late and I will not arrive with partial answers or diluted solutions. The enemy has predicted your failure because you are not perfect. He mocks your hopes because you failed to do everything right. I took the imperfection of your humanity into account when I crafted your destiny, says the Father. I do not look at performance, but at a heart perfected under My hand.
Let the stress of the situation roll over on Me. Stress and pressure may tempt you to accept second best. You are not destined for disappointment or disillusionment for I am bringing the dreams of your inner man to birth, says the Father. Work with Me by your faith. Cooperate with what I am doing. Harmonize your spirit with My sound that is sounding in authority on the inside of you. This is the hour, and this is the day and season of your deliverance. Trust Me and step forward to your victory.

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