The Father Says Today: October 15th, 2020

The Father says today, My fear insulates you from My wrath. When you choose the fear of the Lord, you ascend into My wisdom and into that rarified atmosphere of ascendancy over every principality and power ranged against you. The councils of the uninformed understate the reality of My wrath but understand and know that My wrath exists. I hate evil with a perfect hatred, says the Father. It is My wrath that necessitated the suffering of the Cross – the suffering I endured to open to you free and unrestrained opportunity to move from the place of wrath into the position of unmitigated and undiminished favor. This is not based on your worth or your accomplishments but because of the work of the Cross. Two thousand years ago, I poured out to the dregs My full and complete wrath toward sin and the awful cost of transgression – all on your behalf and to your benefit.

Accept My pardon and My mercy this day with a  comprehensive understanding of all that is your portion of My goodness. Within the parameters of the applied work of the Cross on your behalf, there is nothing to be found but the loving care of a benevolent Father. Beyond those boundaries – the provisions of redemption, there is nothing but outer darkness. Purpose in your mind to stand in the earth as an ambassador of the kingdom of light where life is found for whosoever will. Bid them come from the highways and the byways, for this is the Bridal season, and the supper of the Great God is set. The attendants stand ready to serve up My bounty. Know that I have commissioned you and equipped you. This is your day of assignment. This is your season of fulfilling the destined purpose for which I sent you into time and space from the hall of unrealized souls where you were kept in the heavens from before the foundation of the earth. I choose you this day, says the Father, and in your faithfulness, I will recompense you and accord you a place at My table.

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  • Hallelujah. Yes, Lord. Be it unto me as you have spoken. In Jesus’ name. For Your Glory. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.