The Father Says Today: October 12th, 2020

The Father says today, the deep aquifers of My Spirit are breaking up under your feet for an outpouring of My blessing and favor in your life. The siege gates are opening, for the enemy has fled. The spoil of wealth and supply that the world has hoarded and held back from these My people are open and available this day to satisfy and meet every expectation. What of those that believe not? What of those who have hunkered down under a fear mentality? They will see of My goodness, but they will not partake, for the stampede is on and the outpouring is now. For the naysayers and conspiracy mongers? All they see is darkness on the land and gross darkness on the people, and that is their portion. For those with the eye of faith? They see nothing but the morning spread on the mountains and My great army going forth to take the prey from the mouth of the lion, even My young ones from the paw of the bear.

There is no fear in the kingdom, says the Father. There is no terror or trepidation in love. Let the superseding law of love and the law of faith this day bring the substance of those things desired from the unseen into the seen even in your life this day. There is a place here by Me where the plowman overtakes the reaper, and the seed you sow produces a harvest before it hits the ground. Don’t look at the serpent coiled at your feet, look at the judgment I took on your behalf, and those things at your feet will have no power. Look and live, says God. Look and overcome. See with the eyes of faith. Command your eyes to see THROUGH the situation, not just AT the problem. Remember that you are where your attention takes you. What you fill your mind with becomes the raw material your tomorrows are constructed of. Do you really want your life to reflect the fear, the terror, the conspiracy theories, and the lies that abound in the land? Guard your heart and partake deeply of the narrative of My word, and your future will be secure, and you will come into your blessing place without fail.

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  • Amen! Lord help me to live each day in abundance of good thoughts, acts and utterances. From today I commit to living positively.