The Father Says Today: November 24th, 2023

The Father says today, amidst the cacophony of worldly judgments and self-doubt, the Father’s voice resonates with unwavering clarity, assuring you that you are not an outcast, a black sheep, or a rebel. These labels, born from human perceptions and limitations, do not define your true essence. You not as a lone wolf or a one-man show but as an integral part of My grand tapestry. Your path is not isolated but of collaboration, aligning your thoughts, actions, and collective efforts with His divine will. Step forward, says the Father, and embrace your responsibility with unwavering confidence. Shed the insecurities that seek validation from the fickle opinions of man. Your true honor and recognition stem from His throne alone. The inconsistencies you observe in the teachings and actions of others are not reflections of truth but rather deviations from the path of righteousness. Look beyond the superficial and delve into the principles that have guided those who have conquered adversity and fulfilled their calling, principles rooted in humble obedience and unwavering persistence.

Prophet Russ – This Word Resonates with Me! I accept and Believe For the Blessing in My Life – Today!

Fear of man is a shackle that binds you to the limitations of human judgment, says the Father. Cast it aside, for it was not man who sacrificed his life for your salvation. Align yourself with the ONLY BEGOTTEN, the source of true liberation and purpose. Join the ranks of the MANY BRETHREN who have triumphed over adversity, overcoming violence, subduing kingdoms, and embodying righteousness. These exemplary individuals, led by the Father’s guiding hand, serve as beacons of inspiration, demonstrating the transformative power of unwavering faith and obedience. True spiritual fathers do not suppress your growth in the name of discipleship. Instead, they nurture your potential, fostering an environment where you can flourish and fulfill your divine purpose. Embrace the Father’s unwavering love and guidance, and embark on a journey of self-discovery, shedding the labels imposed by others and embracing the true identity He has bestowed upon you. Let your thoughts, actions, and collaborative efforts align with My divine will, and you shall discover the transformative power of a life lived in accordance with My principles.

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