The Father Says Today: November 20th, 2023

The Father says today I will expose the enemy’s strategies and make known his counsels against you and against the unfolding of your destiny. Be prepared for this revelation, as I guide you out of turmoil and into dominion over the enemy’s works. This is a time of transformation, a turning point, says the Father. You will witness My hand at work, reversing circumstances and exposing the enemy’s every deception and lie. Do not fret or worry, says the Father, for this exposure leads to the enemy’s defeat, not your own failure. Stand firm and unwavering, refusing to relinquish your peace or composure. While these may seem like outward matters, I am granting you X-ray vision to see through them and know precisely what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Prophet Russ – This Word Resonates with Me! I accept and Believe For the Blessing in My Life – Today!

As the new year approaches, you will experience newfound clarity and spiritual insight. I will guide you on a new path, illuminated by the razor-sharp clarity of My Spirit. You will see and understand things that previously eluded you, enabling you to halt the enemy in his tracks. I will shield and protect you from every infernal assault. I will dispatch angels, ready to engage in battle, in response to your bold and courageous petitions and supplications, fueled by your unwavering faith. You will accomplish all that I have called you to do. Your assignments will not be stillborn or end in failure. You will also experience increased financial blessings, blessings that you should have been enjoying all along but which the enemy has been preventing—no more. As you pray in faith, I will respond with power. Today, I am working to bring about abundance, more abundance, and even more abundance into your home, showering your family with blessings and opening the heavens over your life.

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