The Father Says Today: November 10th, 2021

The Father says today I am not mad at you and I am not rebuking you. My hot displeasure does exist but it is reserved for your enemies for I call you My beloved and the hand of My protection is keeping you safe from all harm. Say to your ears “hear the promise of God.” Say to your eyes “see what God’s plan is and what the Father is doing!” Those that seek your life? They are as chaff before the wind, burned in the fire but you will remain standing and come to promotion in the very area of your greatest challenge. So don’t give in and don’t give up. Your losses though they are great – recovery is at hand.

When disappointments increase be reminded that I haven’t forsaken you or withdrawn My love for you. It may seem at times I am a long way off but I am a God who is near. I’m not taking My hand off your life. You are right now coming into a hastening time where answered prayer is acceleration even “God speed acceleration” that changes everything as though in a moment of time. I’m not sitting back waiting to see how difficult things are going to get for you. Align your heart with My heart. Speak your faith as a wielded sword against every false witness. As My son came out of the tomb you are coming out of the land of adversity into the place of peace – now and forever.

Prophet Russ Walden

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  • I receive this powerful propheticword that has sparked my faith. I say to my eyes see and my ears hear what is being shown and spoken by the Lord by faith. Let it be. Blessings, Shalom and Agape. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽