The Father Says Today: May 30th, 2019

The Father Says Today: May 30th, 2019

The Father says today, go out and lavish your love on those around you. Love the unlovely. Love those who don’t love you back. Love those who have no positive thoughts or wishes toward you. Love your enemy. Love the neglected. Surprise them with your love. Enlarge the boundaries of your kindness to astonishing new levels. Break through the small-minded ideas of what others owe you. Set aside the pettiness that typifies a heart consumed by selfishness.
Cause your inner man to be a chamber filled with My compassion, and then I will know you have made room for Me and prepared for Me a dwelling place fit for My throne.
There is no secret formula to deal with hindrances or unanswered prayers. The problem is not
your lack of faith. The answer is unleashing your love. Faith works where love is unleashed.
Your destiny and your highest calling is to be the recipient of My love and to shower My
unending love upon others. Surely there will be few who will actually notice, and many will
disdain your attempts but what is that when in so doing the mountains are moved, the
obstacles uprooted, and miracles rain down in unprecedented measure. All of the ideations of
delay or some secret formula of prayer or petition have NOTHING to do with why you aren’t
experiencing transformation. The answer My beloved is making a choice from this day forward
to live and demonstrate the love life.

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  • Glory HALLELUYAH!!!HALLELUYAH!!!HALLELUYAH!!!! At last, A PENETRATING &Much Needed message on what lOVE. encompasses, ad written in 1STCorinthians13., highlightimg its relationship with FAITH!!! As this father of The Word, has sown bountifully, so let him reap bountifully!!! This ministry has heped deliver, set free & sustain so many & Our Holy Father, through Christ, by the power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT, I believe, shall continue to give the increase, to the point of OVERFFLOW, doing exceedingly abundantly Above all that you/we true beleivers, ask or think