The Father Says Today: May 29th, 2019

The Father Says Today: May 29th, 2019

The Father says today, as I AM so are YOU in the earth. I am not weak; therefore, you are not weak. I am from above only; consequently, you are from above and not from beneath. I am high above all principality and power; therefore, you are seated with Me as a co-regent and co-ruler in Christ. Accept this, says the Father. Reject every contradictory suggestion from the mind of man, your own mind, or the circumstances around you. All power is given to Me in heaven and earth, therefore, in nothing am I withholding from you. If it is mine, even so, it is yours. I did not withhold My Son, My ONLY Son. So, tell Me what lesser thing would I deny you? Stop listening to the obscene suggestions of those whose thinking is embalmed in failure, downturn, and unbelief. Instead, saturate yourself daily with My yes and amen promises, every one of which applies to you.
You are not a failure, says the Father. Do not allow your circumstances to speak with higher authority than My promise in your life. I am not in defeat, therefore, you are not in failure. Failure is a condition alien to the redemption purchased for you upon the cross. Your native
environment is one of rule, authority, and authorization to act and speak in My name. All of heaven stands at the behest of your faith-filled decree and declaration. Cleanse yourself in this understanding. Open yourself to the cleansing of your mind and the circumcision of your heart. If there is a contradiction to My promise know that it does not originate in Me. I am not robbing you or bringing destruction upon you. That is the work of the opposer, and in the work of Calvary, the agenda of hell is rendered inert in its working against you on the condition of your faith and your confident expectation. So, rejoice, says the Father. Rejoice and be glad, for this is the unveiling of My goodness and My kindness renewed every morning and increasing from glory to glory and faith to faith every day of your life.

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Other Comments

  • blueskya1a says:

    Thank you Lord for your wonderful Word this morning! I know you have good and awesome plans for each one of us your Ambassadors! My mind to Your mind, my heart to Your heart, my body to Your body, so that I will truly be Your Representative here on earth that does ALL those many things that please YOU alone!!!

  • Israel Micah says:

    On this prophetic day of fasting, prayer, and working my job I receive this in full as I will walk this out as this by the homy ghost enters into my mind and spirit in Jesus name. I have already taken this as my prophetic word to walk out in Jesus name. As I read this enter breath and step I take is now a kingdom step closer to the moment in which the supernatural will become divine reality as these words produce themselves into my world in Jesus name.

  • Carol May says:

    Thanks heavenly Father 🙏 I agree 💯 & received in the awesome precious wonderful name of Jesus Christ 🙏

  • Jodi Cipriano says:

    Father, I am so grateful for your word. You always know how to pick me up when I am drowning in a sea of ugly – FHM May you be blessed beyond measure , overflowing with blessing you cannot contain in everything you do and touch