The Father Says Today: May 2nd, 2020

The Father says today, think as I think and decide as I decide in every situation you face. Determine only to make judgments based on what you hear Me speak and not by any other standard or influence. Refuse to get caught up in the inner dialogue of doubt, fear, and what things look like on the outside. It is time to question the dogma of the seen, what life teaches you, or how circumstances condition you to think. Make My word the gold standard in every challenge you face, and then you will see the Goliath’s fall in failure, and you will take their head off with their own sword.

Things may look one way in the natural but open your eyes in the spirit to see that I am working to bring about a best-case outcome on your behalf. When your flesh wants to push the panic button, know that it is time to enter into rest. As you rest in Me and rest in My word, acknowledge that My hand is at work. Taking matters into your own hands only leads to failure and disappointment. Step away from the turbulence and commotion around you. Center yourself in the unbending truth of My love for you and the promise of the Scriptures. You are not alone. You are not left to yourself. I am moving and I am working as you keep your mind stayed on Me.

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Other Comments

  • Father, fear and doubt, combined with life altering decisions are all around and I pray to hear Your voice on how best to make all futures choices. Some of them as you know involve life altering moves for other family members that depend on me to make Godly decisions on their behalf. Speak loudly and clear to me Lord, I want nothing short of 100% of your guidance in ALL of my life decisions small or large. I pray this in Jesus’ precious name! Amen & Amen!