The Father Says Today – March 28th, 2024

The Father says today, don’t push the panic button or throw up your hands in defeat. There’s no need for panic. This situation isn’t a surprise to me. I haven’t been caught off guard and scrambling for solutions. Lean on me, not on fleeting human resources. Human solutions often carry the seeds of their own failure. Observe – even now, I’m lifting you above the churning waves that seem ready to drown you in the eyes of others.

I assure you, says God that you won’t be swallowed up by the onslaught of hell against you. You’re not Jonah. You may have been called that because people don’t understand why you didn’t rush into the fight. But the only fight I’ve called you to is the fight for faith. Trust me. My heart is with you. I have no hidden plans for your life. My purpose was laid bare on the Cross. Trust in that, and trust in me. Here’s the truth: tomorrow will be better. Each day, as you walk with me through this, I will be an even greater God in your life.

Prophet Russ – I am Quick to Sow into the
Fulfillment of this word in My life – Today!

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I invite you to mix this word with some faith by sowing into its fulfillment in your life. The faith it takes to give into a prophetic word is equivalent to the faith involved in bringing that very word to pass in your situation. Act now because your response time in giving is a metric for God’s timing in bringing this breakthrough to pass in your situation. 

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