The Father Says Today: March 14th, 2023

The Father says today that your days of being adrift in life are at an end. The currents of My determinate destiny are this day directing the ark of your life into the very currents of My higher purposes. There have been times that you wondered about the circumstances of life, and you have felt stuck and stagnant. That is at an end this very day, says the Father. I want you to throw your back into My purposes and know that you are not wasting your time and you are not wasting your life.

I placed within you a desire to make a difference and to have an impact. This will not be denied you, says the Father. The enemy lies to you and says that your ambitions are born of ego and pride, but underlying it all is a heart beating passionately to serve and fulfill your purpose. I see that, says the Father, so ignore the gainsaying of the enemy who would turn your own mind against you with doubts and self-accusations. I am here, and this is My now time to draw you out of despondency and catapult you into the higher call, says the Father, the higher call for which you are ordained, says your God.

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  • michele says:

    i come into agreement receive and BELIEVE this word in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS AMEN and AMEN