The Father Says Today: June 7th, 2012

The Father says that I am not intimidated by darkness. I shine in the darkness. I dominate darkness with My light. When you are facing the darkness in your mind and hearts, the Father responds to it as I would. In every challenge and in the face of evil, My baseline response is LORDSHIP. There is no circumstance of life that you find yourself in that I am not prepared to demonstrate that I am WHO I say I AM.

You have faced the repugnant and the vulgar, says the Father. Respond to it from a position of Lordship. In so doing, you are viewing it from a perspective of being IN CHRIST. In Christ, it isn’t possible to be intimidated. Take your refuge in Me, says the Father, and adopt the IN CHRIST perspective. You have been threatened. They have even described what they will do to you. They didn’t take into account that when they came against you, I was LISTENING.

Fear not, says the Father. I didn’t give you a spirit of fear. When fear comes, say “Thanks but no thanks.” Refuse to be intimidated. Refuse to be bullied. Unless they repent, they will experience first hand the outcome on themselves that they tried to paint in your mind.

I am God, and I am not mocked, says the Father. Stop looking for the exit. I am standing right beside you. I will guide, guard and protect you in all things.

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Other Comments

  • Amen, He will never leave us nor forsake us, He will not sleep nor slumper in looking after us. He is our Refuge and our strength in all times no matter what.

  • Stephanie says:


  • Oladiran Ayodele says:

    Lord you have spoken the words that correspond
    With my situation. Your word is indeed a balm that heals my wound. I am comforted by these words….. Thanks LORD….

  • LaDell Dudley says:

    I have been tremendously blessed by this ministry, I have passed this website to to my children and friends, for some reason I have not gotten your daily prophecy since the opt out letter was sent to me,on the 4th I just signed up for your prophetic workshop this Thurs night at 6-10 pm I do very much support, and want future e-mails etc.. Father’s Heart has proven to be from the Father’s Heart! Blessings, In Him and His Love,

  • Patricia D says:

    Oh Lord, I am in tears again because u have just spoken out to me – my situation is just right now and u have spoken to me when I required it the most. I am standing firm in you without fear, no matter what happens and even if I see people falling on my right and left, I will continue to stand firm in you. I have you(Jesus) within me and will not let me scum to Fear at all. Amen! No more fear of being intimidated. Amen! Even in my darkness you are the I AM! U have the LORDSHIP over my life Amen! I will not Run and look for the Exit anymore for YOU stand right besides me and U will guide me through. Amen!