The Father Says Today: June 29th, 2023

The Father says today the relationship challenge that you are going through has not gone unnoticed by My throne. I am working. Remember you are not in a problem you are in a process and that process by My hand will heal, save and deliver in radical measure, perfecting all things that pertain to your life. It is safe to hope, for your situation is not beyond My reach says God. My transformative power is breaking up the fallow ground and setting the stage for correction, encouragement, and a detonation of joy at the prospect of highest heart’s desire greatest dream fulfilled being made real before you in moment of time. Remember that change isn’t change until it’s change. Give me some cooperation and I will move in your life to radically adjust and deliver and establish you on an unprecedented scale in the narrative of your life. Just like the sun rises every day, the opportunity for change and growth in your relationship is always present. Trust in My timing, for I am mending that which is broken and restoring that which is out of the way.

Remember that the challenges you face are not obstacles, but stepping stones towards a deeper connection. Remain steadfast in love and patience for in your patience you will possess your soul and in love, you will never fail. Instead of focusing on the issues that divide, look for glimpses of goodness and connection that still exist. Nurture those moments and celebrate the positive aspects of your relationship, allowing them to grow and overshadow the struggles. Take time to seek My guidance and wisdom through prayer for My Holy Spirit is in you, whispering, directing, saying “This is the way – walk you in it…” In My presence, you will find clarity, strength, and direction. Surrender your worries and concerns to My capable hands, trusting that I will guide you through the storms towards peaceful shores. Exercise forgiveness. Forgive, release and bless. Forgiveness is a powerful key to unlocking the doors of restoration. Let go of past hurts and resentments, and extend forgiveness and grace towards those who have wounded you. This creates the atmosphere of healing and transformation that brings the miracle you’ve been waiting for. Remember, you are not alone in this journey. I am ever and always beside you, guiding and strengthening you. Trust in My plan, have faith in My ability to restore and continue to walk in love. 

When you sow into the anointing, you reap of the anointing, and glory precedes your breakthrough!

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