The Father Says Today: June 11, 2012

The Father says there is no going back. There is no point in living in regret. Sorrowing over the past is not the same thing as repentance. I get no glory says the Father over you cutting yourself and blaming yourself for what you could have done differently. Forgive. Forgive yourself because I have. Let the lingering figments of past things fade. No longer enshrine “what was” in the temple of “what could have been.” I am a NOW God, and in your NOW is where you will find comfort and healing past wounds and failures.

Stop tormenting yourself over the indignities of bad situations and even those things that only you know about. I have no plan to parade your sins before all to mock and deride you. Receive the washing and the cleansing of Calvary. The blood of the cross is working a sure detergent effect upon you even this day IF you will let it.
Religious thinking says “Wear your failures as a mark of stigmatic piety”. The Father says to forgive, release, bless, and MOVE ON. Forgive yourself, most importantly.

Go out from this place in your heart that is contaminated with past regrets. Go and sin no more. No longer allow your day to lead you into the deviated, destructive thoughts over yesterday. Your NOW is waiting as you allow Me to wash you fully clean from yesterday’s failings.

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