The Father Says Today: July 5th, 2023

The Father says today; this is your turnaround time. I am reversing the reversals that have reversed against you, and I am bringing blessing where there’s been a downturn, promotion where there’s been disappointment, and a fountain of joy where only groaning and mourning have existed before. All those things in your life that have seemed impossible to change will be moved by My power in the coming days and weeks, and months. I’ve been watching and lingering over your situation even when you couldn’t see Me or sense My presence. I am fully aware of the problems and negative circumstances you are facing. Your cries and prayers have reached My throne, and My affirmative answer of deliverance is forthcoming this instant.

I’ve heard your prayers. Your petitions are a sweet-smelling savor at your angel’s hand on My altars. Although you have gone through trials and challenges, My love will consume every prayer and request, and they will be returned to you as a reward from His heavenly throne. I am a loving Father, and every one of your days is precious to Me. Approach Me again and again with your desires, even the ones you think are insignificant, and witness how much they matter to Me and willing I am to bring your miracle. I am loving you back to life and will surely be a constant source of encouragement, coming closer, and making Myself known more clearly than ever before. Trust in Me and do not feel ashamed, for it is the enemy who causes shame, not your Father. I love you, help you, instruct you, heal you, and set you free. This is a season of endearment, where you will experience a deep and intimate closeness with your Heavenly Father.

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Other Comments

  • Thanks so much Prophet ,
    This Word has spoken to me as well the Lord has confirmed some of the things that He shared with me a couple of days ago.
    It has been a difficult season but I have seen the Father’s divine love, faithfulness, protection and provision in my life. I also know that breakthrough is coming in Jesus’name and by the power of the Holy Spirit. He is the God of power, miracles and wonders not by power but by His Holy Spirit.
    Thanks Prophet for releasing the prophetic daily word, I receive it in Jesus’name.
    May the Lord continue blessing, guiding and providing for all your needs. May He grants you a great health, strength and love to continue this journey doing His will. May he keep you close to Him always, in Jesus’name I pray. Amen and Amen.