The Father Says Today: January 20th, 2020

The Father Says Today: January 20th, 2020

The Father says today, I will send the ravens to feed you. All you need to do is go to the place called “there” that I have ordained. I will cause you to feed on the manna of My provision every morning. I will cause you to drink from the Rock that I am. Where others have starved in famine, you will sow in the land and be blessed, for you hearkened to My voice. Unbelief is being reduced and dissolved. Exploits of faith are now forthcoming, for I am working in and with you to bring you into alignment with all that I have planned and have in mind for you.

You are not a borrower, says God. You are not a borrower; you are a lender. I have this day opened the window of heaven to pour out the uncontainable blessing. Open the pane of your ability to receive by bold and audacious acts of faith. You didn’t think I would leave you in bondage or captivity, did you? Now you will be as those that dream, and your life will come to the place that every day will be a little bit of heaven, a packet of power, truth, and liberty to go to heaven in.

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