The Father Says Today: January 19th, 2020

The Father Says Today: January 19th, 2020

The Father says today, you are not running out of money. You are not worried about money – money is worried about you. Money is lying awake at night, wringing its hands, concerned that there is not enough money to meet the demand of your faith. What you have dreamed is not greed, it’s God, it’s me causing you to see yourself differently in your station of life than that which you have experienced. The increase is yours. Promotion is yours. I will pour out upon you the financial benefits that you don’t even have a bank account configured to receive. The curse of poverty is broken, and the bounty of the heavens is coming.

I break poverty in your life this day, says God. You will not be a God-robber; you will partner with Me, and I will cause money to move by the Spirit every time you work with your accounts; every time you reach into your wallet or your purse. You are not bound by the economy of man, for you are now transacting by your faith in the economy of the kingdom. The kingdom is not limited; therefore, you are not limited. Your dreams will be monetized, and all your debts will be forgiven, and all your projects will be capitalized because you have partnered with Me in the initiatives of My kingdom.

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