The Father Says Today: January 18th, 2020

The Father Says Today: January 18th, 2020

The Father says today, you will not come to failure. I am the God who is love and love never fails. Because I am in you and you are aligning, and in repose with My will and My thoughts, you will put your foot forward and your hand to the work and be successful in all things. Make the plan, and I will direct in the plan. You’ve asked Me for the plan, but I require YOU to plan, and if you plan, I will enter in and direct you in ways that you have yet to dream or dare to expect. I am not a carrot-and-stick Father, I am a Loving Father, and this day I pour My love out upon your life as an ointment that heals every wound.

Be lifted up this day, says God. Be encouraged, not looking back to what was and will never be again but looking forward. Don’t set your standard or your hopes by what others are doing. You are unique. You are My peculiar possession. What you shall be and what I am bringing forth in your life has not been seen on the earth. Refuse to set your sights so low and to look to man as your exemplar. I said you would do the works that I have done, and you will go beyond and do greater works, says God, so believe that and press into that, and you will not be disappointed.

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Other Comments

  • Just the very words I needed to hear . Thank u for bringing the word of God to me. All glory to God.

  • Frances McHenry says:

    Thank you Father for your unmarried favor, Grace, love, and mercy, Amen and it is so and it can not be otherwise!

  • Jodi Cipriano says:

    You captivate me by giving me back the very words I prayed to you ! I love you Father !

  • Taura-Living Life says:

    LORD I thank you for your word today. To look forward not backwards to focus on the future not the past. I thank you GOD for taking the time to speak into the lives you blessed us to have. I LOVE YOU GOD…..

  • Lorenzo says:

    Thank you Father,thank you father;
    I declare that this prophetic word is manifested in us,manifested through us,and manifested as us.Amen.Thank you Father.

  • Merry Taylor says:

    Thank you for this word.. I must leave what ism and do what aGid tells me to do move. Pray for me as I move.