The Father says today: January 12th, 2021

The Father says today: January 12th, 2021

The Father says today, dance with Me. Dance as David danced, unashamed and unafraid. I’ve poured joy into every pore of your being and filled you with the celebration of My Spirit to utterly dispel all heaviness and sorrow. My kingdom is righteousness, peace and joy. My kingdom – My rule doesn’t just BRING joy; it IS joy. Never – I say to you NEVER relinquish your joy. The joy I’ve placed in you will take you where nothing else will. Receive My joy. Be saturated with My joy. Let My joy run down your cheeks like nectar from the first fruit plucked on the first morning of the first day of the world. Joy is your portion. Peace is your portion. The dark days are OVER, says God, and new light has come. Light to the world, light to your path, light that leads to your destiny in full manifestation with nothing lacking. Receive it! Let the mandate of your faith reach out and bring My joy out of the unknown into the known, out of the insubstantial into spinning, turning, lifting your arms and shouting in concert with the host of joy imbibers – those who drink deeply of the thousands and millions around you.

The long nightmare is over. Don’t look to the machinations of man or the predictions of doom and failure. You are not doomed. You are a jewel fitly set in a bridal gown of the consummation of My heart and love for you. I see you. I hear you. You are not overlooked. You are not unknown. Go ahead and smile. Go ahead and laugh. Make the chaos decision that your head doesn’t understand but your heart leaps saying, YES! Walk on the water! Receive the impossible as your common portion. No more tears. No more downturn. The portals of provision, guidance and a heart filled to the brim with every good thing was laid up in store for you before the foundation of the world. It’s not a lie. It’s not a fantasy. It’s who I am and what I do and now is the time that I bring My people to the kingdom and the kingdom to My people in full measure that defeats the enemy and establishes their uprisings and down sittings in authority they have never known. Cast off the grave clothes. Throw away the words of man and hear My words of hope, peace, possibility and fulfilled potential, says your God.


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  • Thank you Lord for granting me Joy, Peace and Righteoudsness today. Against all odds.
    Lord, you are not man, that you can lie. You are not son of man that you can change your mind.
    Lord, you have spoken, I have received and it’s mine.