I Choose the Path of Implied Grace

I Choose the Path of Implied Grace
There are two narratives in life my friends. One arises from causality – random events in a fallen world. Heartbreak, happiness, peril or prosperity happen to all. Why? Because our God rains on the just and on the unjust and those strings are plucked by God’s hand alone and no man conducts that orchestra.
There is another narrative that I choose to spend myself upon in full and if necessary brutal measure. It arises from Eden’s sinless ground reverberating with the shofar of God when He brought man from the earth fully formed. In that ballad of human struggle the life and light of God resonates down through time and brings forth the power and majesty of inborn divinity – made possible by the Cross and the blood that was shed.
I choose – I MAKE A CHOICE to rise above random causality. Heartbreak? I mock you. Happiness? Appreciated but fleeting. Peril? I spit your scorn back in your face. Prosperity? I wrest you to the service of the kingdom.
I take the reigns of God’s directive grace steering the rudder of My life to that light that no man can approach yet upon plunging forward are changed from glory to glory. That is my heritage. That is my legacy. I am a son of my Father and in nothing will I be diminished for My God watches over me as He does the sparrow. I am a prophet and My God lives large in me. I will not surrender. I will not relent. I will not be a statistic. I sell my life cheap to lay hold on the destiny My Father has sewn into the tapestry of my future.  #iamaprophet
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