The Father Says Today: January 11th, 2023

The Father says today, that My goodness precedes My glory. You have cried out to Me for greater glory, and it is obtainable, says the Father. Your gateway to My effulgence is available to you on the foundation of the shed blood of the Cross and not any other criteria. There is no level of performance-based approach to My throne. Only the shed blood can afford you entrance to the Glory you have asked Me for. My glory is not an outward thing, says the Father; it is an inward authenticity. I dwell in the midst of the cherubim, in the inner chambers of your own heart and life.

Prophet Russ – I Recieve the Greater Glory of God – Today!

Moses cried out to see My glory, but it was necessary to cause My goodness to pass before him, first of all. So get ready, get READY, GET READY, says the Father, for I will, from this moment on, cause My goodness to pass before you and lodge in your life and come to reality and full manifestation. My goodness is the preamble to the glory you have sought, and I am disposed to answer your cry without delay. Rejoice, says the Father. Rejoice and be glad, for this is the day that everything changes!

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