The Father Says Today: February 6th, 2019

The Father says today, My ear is bent low to hear your prayer today. I am not far off, neither is My attention elsewhere. The cry of your heart is central in My mind, and I am disposed to answer because you have stood upon My promise that is yes and amen continually toward those who are in Christ Jesus. Trust and enter into rest. Know that I need no convincing because shed blood of Calvary is what determines whether you will receive an answer or not. It isn’t necessary to craft some complicated prayer. The faintest whisper gets My complete attention. You don’t need to overcome My reluctance to answer and meet your need because I have no hesitation or declination to fully and finally deliver you from the snare of the enemy.
There are other people involved in what you are going through. I am moving upon their hearts. They may seem hard and unwilling, but My Spirit is moving to convict their hearts and turn them to right choices and humility. Regardless of their protestations, know that I have a ways and means committee to get things done. That means that I am bigger than they are, and I know more than they do, and I am God at work in the situation. Trust in My timing. Wait on the deliverance that only My hand can bring. Things are not hopeless, and the outlook is not bleak. At the end of the day, you will be left standing with your heart unbroken and intact, and your testimony will be that I have done all things well on your behalf.

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Other Comments

  • Amen Lord. I accept these promises that you have made today on behalf of my daughter’s situation that has been dragging for long now. Yes indeed many people are involved but I trust in your unfailing faithful that she will be more than conquerors over all her enemies at the end, and that you will give her and my entire family reasons to fulfil our vows that we have made. Thank you Lord as you will make this happen sooner than our expectations. Glory to God in heaven. Amen

  • Amen!!! Glory be to God. Thank you for being forever faithful and working on my situation. Your timing is always right. Thank you Holy Spirit for moving the hearts of those involved in this situation to make the right choices and towards humility. Thank you for making all things work for my good. I am delivered, my life has been realigned with your ultimate purpose and plan for my life. Allelujah. Hosanna in the highest

  • Halleluyah! Again, this annointed prophecy speaks to my situation. I am involved in a “hard-to-overcome” situation. It does involve other people. This message really brings comfort to my heart & mind & soul. All last night, I kept waking, dwelling on this situation. It seemed like the situation would be improved, but due to the involvement of others, I simply had no control over it. This happens again & again & because formerly, initially I influenced at least one of the. persons involved to become invoved, I feel so responsible for our ties to the situation. It is good to be assured that the Holy One of LOVE is still on the THRONE of LIFE, thus, IN CONTROL!!!GLORY HALLELUYAH, everyone. Please respond , if possible & I shall keep you all in my prayers. Please pray for me, as well……L.A.

  • Carol May says:

    In the mighty name of Jesus Christ I agree & received.
    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ from whom all Grace and Mercies comes from because of His blessed precious blood shed for us
    Amen & Amen & Amen!

  • This truly confirms my prayer. I will continue to trust in the Lord and his timing!! He’s got the answer and my outcome worked out in my favor. Amen