The Father Says Today: February 5th, 2019

The Father says today, I am your helper. When those who should come to your aid look the other way, I am rushing to your side to save and deliver just in the nick of time. When others oppress you and rise up against you without just cause, I will come to your defense. I will give you favor with those that you need to have favor with, and I will bless all those who stand by you in the battle. I hate enmity, says the Father, and I despise the oppressor who lays awake at night only to devise some new assault against My people. I will bring them to their end, and your eye will see it and give praise due to My name.
It doesn’t matter what the trouble may be, says the Father. Whether men are working against you or situations or things entirely beyond your control, you will not be left desolate. You will not be cast aside without remedy. Though men take from you everything they can lay their hands on, even from there I will rebuild and reconstitute your life to even greater heights of blessing than before. Trust in My recovering hand that is working in your circumstance. Refuse to grieve over your losses. Look to Me and yield to My hand as I rebuild, renew and refresh your life beyond all your expectations.

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