The Father Says Today February 13th, 2024

The Father says today that you are a king and a priest appointed to serve at My courts. Others did not bestow this privilege upon you. They did not give this honor to you, therefore they cannot take it away. I am causing today the king inside you to stand up. My Spirit is upon you, and My Spirit is flowing out from you and out through you to secure your place of spiritual administration by My hand. I will use you even sometimes to mentor those in need of understanding. You will foster My paternity in the fatherless and direct those who have lost their way, that they might find their place in Me. I am synchronizing your life with the destined purpose for which I brought you to the earth. This is your Kairos moment when the fullness of time is visited upon you. This is a watershed season in which situations and circumstances will flow together to cause My living substance on the inside of you to mold and shape afresh and anew what daily living, loving, and rejoicing looks like in your heart and life.

The Father says, as you seek me for these things, you will see that I am giving you favor with those that you need to have favor with, and I’m going to surprise you with the immediate increase and breakthrough that will come. This is the positive promise of My heart over you for the coming year. You are going to walk under an open heaven for the entirety of the twelve-month period. You’re going to know what it is to have the fountains of the deep broken up under your feet, and when the fountains of the deep are broken up under your feet, then you’ll find yourself walking on the water. Don’t look at the winds and the waves and the challenges. Keep your eye on what I am doing and saying and lean into that, and your fruitfulness will be beyond measure.

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Other Comments

  • I cannot tell you how much you encourage me! In my lowest moments I read your prophetic words for a glimmer of hope, and I was able to glean from them. This went on for a couple of years and each day I strenghthened until I began to believe, actually believe! The wisdom God gives you is astounding. The insights He gives you in the Bible studies on YouTube are amazing! Many, many times you have explained a Scripture that has never been explained to me before. I follow the Bible Studies (I just started Judges), you teach and I take notes. Its as if God hands me the WHOLE loaf of bread not just a slice.
    I just want to encourage you, your staff and your church members.
    Forever Friends,