The Father Says Today: February 10th, 2024

The Father says today that I am coming alongside you. I am the Comforter, the Helper, and the Guide who brings you up and out of detriment and impediment and into the rarified atmosphere of My glory. I am bringing heaven and earth together over you in your circumstances. All things are possible! As it is in heaven, so shall it be upon your earth and in your life! Listen to My voice and hear My heart for you, says the Father. A new cooperation is coming that brings the deliverance, provisioning, healing, and blessing that you’re crying out for at this hour!

When you rise in the morning, it will be My voice you will hear before anything else. As you lay your head down upon the bed, I will whisper sweetly in your ear, and I will cause you to know what is on the morrow and that which I expect you to do, for as I do My part, so you must do YOUR part. There is that which must be fulfilled in your obedience that will be answered from the throne as I keep my good promise over your life. So, stay the course and maintain obedience, says the Father. Do not yield to the temptation to become a “do nothing” who decides there is nothing to do. The day is far spent, and the laborers are few. Yet I have called you and equipped you, and as you act in straightforward obedience to My voice and My call, things will change, and blessing will come, and My favor will be seen in your land.

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Other Comments

  • Moira Shole says:

    Thank You Father that You will make it simple for me to understand, not to miss the opportunity.

  • Thanks you Prophet Russ for faithfully sharing the word and directions the Father shares with you . All Praise Honor and Glory be to the Almighty Father. We as believers each have purpose , yours is to but only give voice to what is shared with you by the Holy Spirit , I hear the Father say to you Eloquently Spoken!!! I am given free will, opportunity to choose to have ears to hear and eyes to see. Well I declare and decree to the Father , I trust in thee oh Lord and thy will be done . Speak Lord thy servant choses to believes the word spoken by your Prophet. Amen