The Father Says Today: August 26th, 2023

The Father says, today; I am raising up a people who will walk and abide in the Spirit, fueled by love and equipped with unprecedented power from My hand. You are included, says God, and the invitation to upgrade and ascension power is extended to you now. Through your life, the kingdom of God will be demonstrated as a counter-power, transforming lives and ultimately bringing forth a world where peace and harmony reign. Are you ready to be a part of preparing the way for this great kingdom? The time is at hand. The foundation of this divine empowerment lies in walking in love. Love is the essence of My “father’s heart,” and as you align yourself with My love, a transformation occurs within and around you. It is love that drives out fear and empowers us to live according to My word. Love one another. When you love one another as I love you, then you are CREATING A SPACE for the kingdom to manifest in your life and your community. As we faithfully walk in love, we will be entrusted with unprecedented power. This power is not for self-gain or manipulation but for the kingdom’s advancement. I desire, says the Father, to release My power through you and in you to bring healing, restoration, and deliverance to a broken world. The power I impart to you this day is not limited or weak but is divine and transformative. It is the power that raised Christ from the dead and resides in you, in fullness, at this very moment. Through the love-fueled power you receive this day, you are become agents of change, and the Angel of Change now walks before you, demonstrating the kingdom. Just as sacrificially walked this earth in human form, healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead, you are now called and equipped to continue this work unto the GREATER WORKS says God. I would that My kingdom to be made tangible in your life, family, workplace, and community. You are My vessel among many vessels through which My love, power, and authority flow this day.

As you walk in My Spirit, demonstrating the kingdom, you become a counter-power to all the evil that perverts and destroys on the earth. The darkness may seem overwhelming at times, but My power is greater and dwells in you this day in unfettered measure. My love that flows through you now has the ability to break chains, shatter strongholds, and bring hope to the hopeless. Choose this day to partner with the Holy Spirit, to bring light into the darkest places, fostering by My agency in you transformation and redemption in the broken world around you. In My grand design, a day is coming when this counter-power to evil will prevail completely. The lion will lie down next to the lamb, and violence will be no more. Pain, suffering, and injustice will be eradicated in the fullness of God’s kingdom. This glorious vision awaits us, and we have the privilege to participate in its preparation, ushering in the realm where righteousness and peace reign. Your place and your portion are to participate in a preparatory move of My Spirit in the earth, calling men and women, boys and girls, to prepare the way for My kingdom is immanent upon you, urgent within you, and compelling flowing out of you like a mighty river. It is not a distant reality, says God, but something you can engage with here and now. As you choose to walk in love, allow My power to flow through you, and demonstrate My kingdom in all you do, you then bring a taste of heaven to earth. Each step you take, each act of kindness, and each declaration of faith contribute to the fulfillment of My kingdom’s purposes in the immediate and in the unfoldment of the eventuality of eternity. Resolve, says God, resolve to be a part of the people I am raising up, who walk and abide in the Spirit. Embrace My love for you, through you, and in you, allowing it to transform and empower you. Surrender to My purposes, stepping out in faith to demonstrate His kingdom here on earth. By doing so, we align ourselves with His divine plan to bring about a world where the lion lies down with the lamb, where peace and love reign supreme. The kingdom of God is at hand, and we are invited to be a part of its glorious unfolding.

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  • Nichola says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus I will faithfully walk in love to help you for the kingdom’s advancement as you so desire in your powerful word on 26th August through Russ. I will obey in the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thank you so very much and praise you for been so wonderful and kind. Yes and amen in your name Jesus.