The Father Says Today – April 4th, 2024

The Father says today, get it embedded down deep in your heart that “Change isn’t harmful; change is beneficial! I am the God who never changes. Yet, I require you as My child to be willing to constantly shift, change, and adapt to My unfolding wisdom as I make it available to you. Yes, change has begun in your life. Do not be afraid, for change is an instrument I use to mold you into a more perfect reflection of Myself. Do not cling to the comforts and treasures of the past, or you risk missing the new things I have in store for you. I can take even the most broken pieces and create beauty from them, but you must be willing to move forward with Me. Change can be a difficult and scary process, but it is necessary for growth and development. It is important to embrace change and trust in My Plan for your life. Just as a potter molds clay into a beautiful vessel, I am constantly shaping and molding you into the image of My Son. Stand ready, for this transformation will require you to let go of old habits, relationships, and previous ways of thinking that no longer serve you or My purposes. It may be uncomfortable at times, but the end result will be worth it.

The changes I bring will manifest new opportunities and blessings you never could have imagined. When you are open to the possibility of change, you open yourself up to a world of endless possibilities. I am always working behind the scenes, orchestrating events and circumstances in your life for your ultimate good. By surrendering to My will and trusting in My timing, you can navigate through the uncertainties of change with peace and confidence. Therefore, PURPOSE IN YOUR HEART and RESOLVE IN YOUR MIND, NO MATTER WHAT, to embrace change as a necessary part of your growth and transformation. Trust in My plan for your life, knowing that I ever have your best interests at heart. Allow Me to mold you into the person I created you to be, and watch as the beauty and purpose of your life unfold before your eyes. Remember, change is not the end but a new beginning, with many ongoing new beginnings every morning you set your feet on the floor, changes that are filled with endless possibilities, answered prayer, and major miracles according to your needs. 


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  • Moira says:

    Thank You Father that the change You are doing in my life will be clear especially to me for me to understand, so that it can start happening.

  • Good Morning-please explain the prophetic word-to me re change-
    i am very snr. (80) but still working as socialworker and mediator- single -twice widowed
    son Andre in Pretoria and other son in Norway- Geologist-dr’ degree and adopted daughter who rejected me- and Andre also now under her influence -there is reason why they do it-things happened after their father pass on- married a man that they did nt like – and he caused problems so divorced him and financially lost a lot and he did other things also- i now have my own home but work for an income to live and people here in ths small town is very supportive- do you mean- the way i live- my work i do- helping people – be known here- or what should i chabge – loving God with all ofmy being- take communian 2x daily -study His Word, live it and talking the Word often to clients as well- thanks for your answer –