The Father Says Today – April 2nd, 2024

The Father says today, the lightness in your heart and the song of praise on your lips is a battle cry striking fear into the kingdom of darkness. Your enemy knows that the joy I have placed within you will force his hand. Your rejoicing today declares his defeat. Open your mouth with thanksgiving and shout in jubilant celebration. Laugh defiantly, knowing I have secured your victory and given you every weapon necessary to overcome. In Me, you found your safe place, your high fortress. Rest in the assured protection of My presence. Let your joy be a beacon of hope to those around you who are hurting and in need of encouragement. Your ability to find joy in the midst of trials can be a powerful testimony of My faithfulness and love. By choosing to praise and worship Me, you are declaring that I am bigger than any situation or struggle you may face. Your joy can be contagious, spreading hope and light to those who are lost in darkness.

Furthermore, your joy and praise are a primary form of spiritual warfare, weakening the enemy’s grip on your life and those around you. The enemy thrives on fear and discouragement, but when you praise Me, you declare that My power is greater than any force of evil. Your song of praise is a declaration of faith in My ability to overcome all obstacles and bring victory in every situation. In times of uncertainty and fear, it can be easy to focus on the negative and allow worry to consume your thoughts. But when you praise Me, you shift your focus from your circumstances to My promises. Your joy is a reminder that I am in control and that My plans for you are good. By lifting up your voice in praise, you are affirming your trust in Me and My ability to work all things together for your good. So let your heart be light, and your lips be filled with songs of praise. Let your joy be a weapon of warfare against the enemy and a source of hope and encouragement to those around you. You will find true rest and protection in My presence, knowing that I have secured your victory and given you everything you need to overcome.

Prophet Russ – I am Quick to Sow into the
Fulfillment of this word in My life – Today!

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Mix this word with some faith by sowing into its fulfillment in your life. The faith it takes to give into a prophetic word is equivalent to the faith involved in bringing that word to your situation. Act now because your response time in giving is a metric for God’s timing in bringing this breakthrough to pass in your situation. 

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