Retrieve Your Giving Day Download!

Retrieve Your Giving Day Download!

Welcome to Giving Day!

Give into Your Future Today!

It’s August! We have a new and a unique free gift for you this month. In John 7:37-38 Jesus declares that you have a river, in fact, RIVERS in you of the Spirit. Is the mention of “rivers” in the plural just a poetic expression or something more? In the free gift we have for you this month you will learn something of the FOUR RIVERS of God flowing out of you to bless your life.
We normally give a downloadable PDF but this month our download is in audio format and will seriously bless your life. In June Kitty and I ministered for Apostle Ricardo Watson in Sterling, VA. Ricardo had recently renamed his church “Revival River” and God gave me a series of messages on the “Rivers of God.” The River of God in your life is not a metaphor for a river it IS a river (and there are more than one). There is a river of God that originates in your to bless you financially and in the area of provision. There is a river of God in you that brings “GOD SPEED ACCELERATION.” There is a river of God in you that defeat the anti-Christ spirit that works against you in life. This is an awesome, revelatory teaching that will put you in the ascendency against every assault of Satan in your situation. It’s our free gift to you this month and can be found at the following link:

When You Give to Father’s Heart Ministry – the Wineskin that Contains the Anointing we Walk in is Opened to your Life!
GOD TOLD ME that all giving should be done in a revelatory atmosphere. The Father gave me this vision – when you give to Father’s Heart Ministry – what makes FHM a container for of God’s glory GET’S IMPARTED IN YOUR LIFE.
This HOW you get YOUR VERSION of the breakthrough Kitty and I walk in. How can I be so bold? Because we have experienced it for ourselves. When Kitty and were nigh homeless with nothing we gave radically and sacrificially into an anointing that held the breakthrough that we longed for. After a very short time and several key opportunities to align with what God was doing – we were catapulted from obscurity into a worldwide ministry touching millions of lives in the last 10 years.
What does your breakthrough look like? Is it to be in business? To get married? Have children? Launch into a ministry? As you sow into the containment of God’s glory that FHM represents – there will come an impartation that will work in your life to produce that same dimension of breakthrough. This is Elijah saying “make me a cake first” and a widow with a starvation death sentence was catapulted into her blessing place for her and her son. We pray that portion on you today. Do your part and just ask God what to give.If you have already given – the outpouring is upon you. We are praying and standing with you in your dream and your vision. God bless!


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