The Father Says Today: August 10th, 2018

The Father Says Today: August 10th, 2018

The Father says today, stand up in your privilege. All of creation around you is yearning and urging that you, as a vested child of My kingdom, might stand upright on your feet and be the manifest son outwardly that you are inwardly. This is your right and your privilege, and it will not be denied you. Shall the circumstances of your birth exclude you from the company of sons? Shall the color of your skin or your economic station in life hinder that which I propose to do? Be encouraged, says the Father. Know that I have designed all of the earth and the very atoms that swirl around you in a quantum soup to act in concert with My will to bring you into the divine favor and privileged access to My kingdom that is accorded to you in the shed blood of Calvary.
Are you in a storm, says God? Still the wind with your faith-filled words. Is your fig tree untimely in its fruit? Curse the untimely tree and command it no longer to cumber the precious ground of your life that I have ceded you authority over. Are the dead wrapped in grave clothes? Command the stone of ungodly expectations to be rolled away and receive your dead back to life in a moment of time. Let it not be said when you look back over the ramparts of eternity that you lived one iota beneath the privileges that are yours as a dividend of Calvary paid into your life 2000 years ago. I AM with you, and I AM working to transform your life into conformity to the template “as in heaven so on earth” and I will not be denied, therefore you will not be denied in any way oh My beloved!

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  • Mary Lockett-Beard says:

    I have been so blessed by the Daily Prophetic Word! It’s amazing how the prophecy seems to always be a word tailored specifically for me! God is Awesome & he uses the prophetic to give us direction and clarity! Thank you Kitty & Russ for allowing God to use you & then you teach us. WOW! I can’t tell it all just how much I have been blessed by this ministry!