Prophetic Perspectives: When Prophecies Fail (PDF)

Product Description:

Have you ever been burned by a failed prophecy?

We’ve all been there. A word is given, excitement builds, and then… nothing. Disappointment can turn into disillusionment, and even doubt. But what if there’s another way to understand prophecies that don’t come to pass?

Join Russell Walden, a seasoned Pentecostal/charismatic leader, as he dives deep into the topic of “When Prophecies Fail.”

In this FREE message, Russell will share his insights on:

  • Why prophecies sometimes don’t come true (It’s not always about God’s will!)
  • How to handle disappointment without losing your faith
  • Turning failed prophecies into opportunities for growth

This message is for anyone who has ever:

  • Questioned a prophetic word
  • Felt discouraged by unmet expectations
  • Wondered if God is still speaking

Don’t miss this chance to gain a fresh perspective on prophecy and deepen your relationship with God.

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