Face to Face with the Father (Paperback)


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Face to Face with the Father is a chronicle of the men and women who saw the face of God and lived. In these pages you will join men and women throughout the bible who experienced up close and personal encounters with God. Through the lives of Paul the Apostle, Abraham, Enoch and many others you will come face to face with God as they did. Have you ever puzzled over passages such as Genesis 17:9: “And God said unto Abraham…”? What must that have been like? Does God speak to us in like manner today? Have you longingly envied when you read in John 21:20 how John the Beloved “Leaned on the master’s breast at supper”? Have you wondered what Ezekiel must have experienced when he wrote in Ezekiel 1:1: “the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God.”? Are such visions available to you today? This book is a work of inductive fiction. Reading these chapters will plunge you into the rarefied atmosphere of a FACE TO FACE ENCOUNTER WITH THE FATHER. Over the centuries Christian mystics have disclosed stunning accounts of open visions. Face to Face with the Father makes that experience accessible to YOU. Reading Face to Face with the Father will leave you undone at the feet of the Master. Each chapter will fire your passion for the Father’s presence in your own life. (Paperback; Shipping to USA Only)

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