Overcoming Fear and Moving in Miracles – Smith Wigglesworth

Smith Wigglesworth once stated:

You must come to a place of ashes, a place of helplessness, a place of wholehearted surrender where you do not refer to yourself. You have no justification of your own in regard to anything. You are prepared to be slandered, to be despised by everybody. But because of His personality in you, He reserves you for Himself because you are godly, and He sets you on high because you have known His name (Ps. 91:14). He causes you to be the fruit of His loins and to bring forth His glory so that you will no longer rest in yourself. Your confidence will be in God. Ah, it is lovely. “The Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2 Cor. 3:17). ~ Smith Wigglesworth

In the prophetic exhortation above, the great healing evangelist emphasizes that true surrender to God requires one to reach a state of ashes, helplessness, and complete submission to Him without relying on any personal justification. This means being willing to endure being slandered and despised by others yet, remaining godly. His presence in you elevates you above others because your confidence in God isn’t from yourself but in the Lord who grants freedom. This is a beautiful state to be in, where the fruit of His loins manifests in you, and you bring forth His glory.

God desires that we yield completely to Him and detach ourselves from our egos or any sort of pride that comes with it. By coming to a place of complete surrender, we experience true freedom in His presence, which unshackles us from our prior struggles and failures. It is essential to recognize that it is not our power and might that elevates us, but it is His hand in our lives that enables us to achieve everything we put our minds to. Embracing our dependence on God, we can be sure that we will emerge victorious in every aspect of our lives. This means trusting in God for everything, even when things seem uncertain, and this is what brings us true freedom.

When you sow into the anointing, you reap of the anointing,
and glory precedes your breakthrough!

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