On Becoming a Lord of Your Own Harvest

The higher law is the law of love. Love is a higher law than the law of sowing and reaping. The law of love is the New Covenant Principle expressed in Christ. He suspended the law of reciprocity in order to take sin upon himself and judgment though he did not deserve it or sow into it. This is the only way love could be unconditional – it suspends outcome and take authority over process. The law of sowing and reaping predates the ascension of Christ and the price that was paid.

Reciprocity (sowing and reaping – seed time and harvest) is a lower law than the law of love albeit a very reliable law that outside of love cannot be overthrown. To master the law of sowing and reaping you must ascend into a higher law – the law of love. When you ascend into the law of love you master the law of sowing and reaping. In other words you become Lord of your own harvest.

When you become Lord of your own harvest you can call for crop failure on stupid things you have done outside of love. When you are Lord of your own harvest your seeds will produce a harvest before the hit the ground. The law of love provokes harvest based on unconditional and unilateral principles of personal sovereignty that you only touch in your life when you become love. When love becomes who you are not just what you do.

This is the point where everything you say and do becomes as effective as if God said it or did it.

A sense bound mind will never understand this.

A Christ ruled heart will appropriate it as truth and soar beyond all expectations!

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