Lose the Baggage, Pack Your Luggage

What ELSE Could POSSIBLY Go Right? You think you are in trouble but you aren’t in trouble you are in TRANSITION. Take a breath. Stop trying so hard. Calm your mind. Still the internal dialog. Hear the Father’s voice speaking in the silence between your own thoughts. Objects are closer than they appear. Be willing to be interruptible. Do you want peace or understanding? You don’t need to understand. Understanding is highly overrated. Peace passes understanding. Peace will take you where understanding can never go. Be clueless. Be willing to be clueless. Come out of the flytrap of analyzing, qualifying, quantifying, making sense of everything. My mind says the Father operates beyond human rationale and sensibility. I will not come down into the sense realm. I’ve already done that. You have to come up here to Me. Here by Me is where “as in heaven, so on earth” becomes a reality. So lose the baggage and pack your luggage because things are changing and you must be willing to change BRUTALLY willing to change so you won’t be left behind. I am a Prophet and my God lives large in me. #IAmAProphet
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