Meet My Aunt Irene (Or, Are You Ready for God to BLOW Your Mind?)

Meet My Aunt Irene:
Phil. 4:7 tells us about the “peace that passes understanding…” There is a variant of understanding this word “peace” that gives a whole different angle on what Paul is saying to the Philippians. The word “peace” is where the name “Irene” comes from. Remember the song “Goodnight, Irene?” My uncle “J.D.” was an old navy salt married to a lady named Irene. Aunt Irene was one of my favorites. She wore heavy makeup, dark red lipstick, and sported a deep throaty voice from years of heavy smoking. Nonetheless, she was one of those gals from the 40s like “Rosy the Riveter.” She was a can-do gal ready to take on any challenge with a new shade of lipstick and a Pall Mall hanging out of her mouth. I loved her.
What does that have to do with the “peace of God” in Phil. 4:19? Probably nothing but look at the verse:
[Phl 4:7 KJV] 7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Again, that word peace (gr. eirene) does mean things like “tranquility,” etc., but it also evokes a word picture meaning “good roads” or prosperity. In Isa. 35:8 the promise was that God would raise up a highway in the desert that “the wayfaring man, though a fool would not err therein…” Wow, that includes me, how about you?
In light of the fact that the word peace here means something of God’s heart of prosperity toward us then the meaning shifts – let’s transliterate:
“…and the prosperity of God (peace) that passes understanding…” Do you get it? If someone walked up to you and gave you ten, crisp $100 bills for no reason, you wouldn’t understand, would you? You would be elated but you would ask questions as to why that person would hand something like that to you. This is the picture God is conveying. The peace of God includes the idea of God prospering you SO MUCH that you literally DO NOT UNDERSTAND how He can be SO good to you. Wowser (that’s a theological expression from a dear friend of mine). Wow! Makes me want to say it backward – WOW.
In other words, God wants to blow you away with His prosperity. Isn’t that what peace brings? Listen, when you are broke, busted, down-hearted, disgusted, unhappy, dismayed, disillusioned, and perturbed – you don’t have much peace do you? But when the bills are paid and needs are met life is a celebration, right? One less thing to worry about. So when you read that verse in the future remember to include that shade of meaning that says to you that the PEACE (prosperity) of God is given to bless you SO MUCH that it BLOWS YOUR MIND. Are you ready for some mind-blowing peace? I know that I am. I am a prophet and my God lives large in me. #IAmAProphet #MindBlowingProsperity #Canyoutakenowforananswer, #Askmehowiknow
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