Live with Prophet Russ – 2023: A Prophetic Word for Your Year Ahead

Live with Prophet Russ – 2023: A Prophetic Word for Your Year Ahead Prophet Russ brings a prophetic word in a very personal way to position you for the fullness of all God is preparing to do in your life in the coming year. After listening to this word please share it with others – faith works by love and you put this word to work in your life when you share with someone who needs encouragement. Remember what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Then activate the working of this word on your own behalf by sharing it with others (because faith works by love). Then mix this word with some faith by sowing into the word of your giving. Giving into a word sets the predicate for what happens next and brings God’s blessing in that very area!

(Note: See Transcription below video)

“For you, 2023 is a year to be ruined for the kingdom! No more mixture, no more going back, no more looking back; God says to put the hand to the plow and don’t look back, for my soul has no pleasure in him that looks back.

God has pleasure when you put your heart, your efforts, and your focus into the things of God in an unswerving way. So, stay linear in your decision meaning the pressure that you’re under. (Linear meaning relating to religion or religious beliefs) You are putting your hand to the plow, setting your forehead like a flint (a hard rock used to spark fire), because when you press into the pressure you break out into the kingdom.

What’s the kingdom at ground zero in your life, in your marriage, in your finances in your spiritual life when you break out into the kingdom which is righteous, peace, and joy? Righteousness, in practical expression in your life, is when everything you say and do becomes as effective as God said or did it. God says it’s time to be ruined for the kingdom.

God says Amos 9:13 will now characterize your life. This is where the plowman overtakes the reaper. What’s that look like, meaning the seed that you have sowed and the seed that you sow will produce a harvest before it even hits the ground? That doesn’t happen to just everyone, it happens to someone who has learned the law of God, and you’ve ascended above the law of sowing and reaping, you’ve entered the law of Love.

Now Jesus, by an act of love, went to the cross, and in so doing, he ascended above the law of sowing and reaping he could not have died because he had not done anything worthy of death. He could not have reaped death because he did not sow death. Jesus laid down his life. He became a Lord of the harvest. As he is in heaven, so are we on earth. Jesus took authority over the lesser law of reciprocity by acting in the higher law of Love. So move into the law of Love,

Love is not about being a victim; Love is about moving in the ascension, ever regarding things planted in the past that you need to have a failed harvest for, things in the past, bad decisions, wrong choices out of foolishness or moral laxity. God says you are not held captive in your past; your past doesn’t define you, so ascend into the law of Love, calling for a failed harvest for all the bad things sowed in the past to become fertilizer.

God wants you to rise up and become Lord of your own harvest, transitioning from being subject to sowing and reaping into the higher law of Love so that you can again call for a failed harvest, so you don’t reap the mistakes or bad things. Love never fails there are things that fail, but Love never fails. As you sow Love, you reap success because love never fails.

God says he’s bringing you to the point of maturity to acknowledge that as He is God in the blessing to reward obedience and Faith, he’s also God in the chastisement loving us with his disciplining hand when you’re transgressions marred your testimony. Let the Lord bring you to rest on the threshing floor of his purposes for you life even when that involves chastisement.

For whom the Lord Loves chastens and scourges every son (Hebrews 12:6-9) dealing with you as a son committed to the Glory of the house.

God says (Romans 12:1) we have been called to be living sacrifices in service to the Father. ( Leviticus 1:7) Instructing the priest set the wood in order upon the fire, meaning set your life in order. We are the wood, a living sacrifice in order, and God will answer by fire, set your life in order for order brings Glory. Let God set some things in your life in order, order in your home, in your family, in your relationships dealing with the things there that don’t belong. This is obeying the voice of God.

(Philippians 4:19) My God will meet all your riches out of his Glory. The Glory of God will answer what you cry out for in seed form. Christ in you is your Father. Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word of God, and Faith works by Love.”

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