Intimidation is Going and Freedom is Coming, Says God!

The Father declares that the current season holds immense liberation and empowerment for you, my beloved. You have been weighed down and intimidated by various obstacles and individuals who sought to suppress your true potential. However, at this time, I am intervening and initiating a profound transformation within you, birthing a remarkable sense of freedom and boldness. From the very beginning, you have possessed great wisdom, but others have tried to undermine and overshadow it by asserting their superiority, claiming to know what is best for you. Yet, I assure you, that I am the true authority, and you are attuned to my voice. The wisdom that resides within you is a gift from me. Therefore, no longer doubt yourself or question your ability to hear me correctly. Embrace the wisdom I have bestowed upon you and obediently follow the path I lay before you.

When those around you attempt to steer you in conflicting directions and sow discordant confusion, heed my words, for I have bestowed upon you the gift to receive and emanate my greatness. Your desire to minister and preach to the nations has not gone unnoticed. I am initiating this ministry within you, beginning with a smaller sphere of influence, which will gradually expand and encompass even those to whom you may seem unknown. Your words hold authority and possess the ability to transcend various cultural and societal divides. Although you may sometimes perceive yourself as insignificant, in truth, you are far from it. I have anointed you as the one who carries a voice of authority and greatness.

Furthermore, when the enemy attempted to silence your voice during your formative years, I promise to now amplify it even more. Your voice will resonate, reaching far and wide. You possess a unique ability to speak truth, love, and encouragement, even in the face of death and damnation. Whereas others may speak words of destruction, I have appointed you as an encourager. Moreover, I desire for you to be an intercessor of joy, injecting life and vitality into the lives of those you encounter. As others engage in intercessory prayer to conquer darkness and defeat Satan, I commission you to intercede through joy, bringing light and transformation. Countless lives will be impacted because of you. Do not belittle the significance of your calling, for in my kingdom, you hold great prominence. Precious jewels await you, as well as a crown of victory and a majestic purple robe. A new mantle will be placed upon your shoulders, bestowing upon you the walk of royalty and authority. This is not an honor bestowed by man, but solely by me. You have humbly accepted the role of being behind the scenes, willing to serve without recognition. I commend your humble heart, assuring you that I will elevate you to the forefront so that others may witness the overflow of love within you. Remember, this is not a one-person show, nor is it about you. Instead, it is about me, and you have willingly declared that you will be the vessel to point others toward the Cross.

It’s a new positioning happening under your feet says God. In this remarkable positioning, I will position you to receive both material and spiritual abundance. Wealth, health, and spiritual authority will be deposited into your hands, enabling you to bring blessings to my people. Use these gifts to uplift and support those in. Your purpose extends far beyond personal gratification. I have entrusted you with these resources so that you may bestow them upon those who require assistance and guidance. Embrace this responsibility with an open heart, for the Lord has spoken.

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  • Lorin says:

    Prophet Russ, I am so blessed by the daily words you give, each one is more powerful than the last, as the Spirit is moving mightily in these times we’re living in.
    Every Blessing!